I Overcame Challenges In Government Through Prayers – Jonathan

On May 18, 2019 1 Comment

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has attributed the achievements he made in government to prayers.

Speaking on Friday at the third session of the 10th Synod of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion which held in Abuja, Jonathan asked Nigerians to pray and support the federal government’s effort in tackling insecurity.

“As a nation, from the beginning, we’ve been passing through a lot of challenges; the issues of kidnapping and armed robbery,” he said.


“Even to travel to very near cities such as Kaduna is becoming a nightmare to Nigerians. With constant prayers, the country will get through all its challenges.

“For me, who you all gave privilege of being president for five years, the little achievements we made were through your constant prayers. Whenever, I have opportunity, I thank you for the support you gave me.”

Jonathan also denied the allegations of withdrawing billions of naira from the nation’s treasury while in office.

He described reports on this it as false and misleading.

Nicholas Okoh, primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), lamented the failure of those in government to punish evil doers within their fold.

He said the country is currently in short supply of servant-leader politicians.

He highlighted the qualities of servant leaders and tasked governments at all levels to maintain justice and fairness.

“Under the servant leadership model, power comes from gaining the trust and support of people, and is given freely as a gift,” he said.

“Power is a means for helping others, and not an end in itself. It’s to be exercised on behalf of others. It’s only a tool, and its true test is determined by the improved welfare of people.

“Do we have agents of government who believe in being guided by the servant-leader spirit in relationship with their constituencies? Do they really serve their people or use them and dump till another election time?

“We must pray for servant leader politicians at federal, state, and local government levels as well as traditional ruler. “Some politicians are trying to outsmart their people by stealing and heaping riches without improving the lives of their countrymen. That’s why our country is in a terrible short supply of service-oriented politicians, statesmen and women.”


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  1. Enwelum I Mbadiwe says:

    “I Overcame Challenges In Government Through Prayers” – Jonathan

    I found what Mr Jonathan said very worrisome and must not believe him. I want to ask him if he really overcame his challenges. I took what he said with skepticism because prayer is NOT the Key to overcome any challenges unless Mr Jonathan got it wrong. We overcome challenges through obedience onto God and having non-negotiable faith in him. As far as God Almighty is concerned, prayer does not change him. Prayer can change any person who prays according to the will of God and lives in the same manner. Prayer is not more important than listening to God and carrying out his demands. How far does Mr Jonathan know God’s demands and carries it out? The truth is that evil people overcome challenges through endurance even when they do not pray. By the way, praying is asking for something and how does asking for anything and receiving it lead us to God Almighty when we will continue to walk in opposition to the moral standard of behaviour?

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