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IPOB Members Accused Of Throwing Stones At Police Officers In Anambra




Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, have been accused by the Anambra State Police Command of attacking its officers at their various points of duty in the state.

According to a statement released by the command the IPOB members attacked the police officers that were sent out to destroy billboards, flags and insignia released by the group to inform the residents of the state on its May 30th sit-at-home order.

Many of the police officers were injured after the members of the group threw stones at them. However, the police officers were able to overpower them and made some arrests.

The statement in part reads:

”There was a report that the Indigenous People of Biafra came out in large number moving around with dangerous weapons and at the same time hoisting flags of the proscribed group on poles and billboards. Following the report, police operatives rushed to the scene in order to prevent them from mounting the flags but they engaged the police with catapults and stones.

“However, 12 suspects were arrested and over 50 flags with different inscriptions of IPOB/MASSOB and Biafran Independent movements recovered as exhibits. There was another intelligence report that some misguided elements suspected to be IPOB Members were sighted at various locations mounting Biafra flags along Ekwulobia -Uga Road in Aguata LGA of Anambra State.

“Police patrol teams pursued them and arrested 12 suspects while others escaped, 72 Biafran flags and items with Biafra inscriptions were recovered.”

1 Comment

1 Comment


    May 28, 2019 at 6:16 am

    The World will stand still on the 30th May, 2019 to lit Millions of Holy Candles in Memory of Victims of worst Genocide in Human History which killed 8M Biafran Citizens perpetrated by Nigeria State led by GOWON in Conspiracy with Britain led by PM Harold Wilson in Alliance with USSR, JORDAN, EGYPT and SAUDI ARABIA between 1967-1970 for purposes to exterminate the Igbo Population in Biafraland in order to steal and Plunder all their Vast Resources especially OIL and GAS. The details of this unkindest and crudest Killings in Biafraland will make a Lion heart faint in Tears and Sorrows, yet UN has not taken action to bring the perpetrators to Justice.Biafra Genocide Memorial will be marked by complete lock down in Biafraland with a SIT-AT-HOME order.
    The World must also Remember those Countries and Individuals who stood against these gruesome Atrocities and Evils, Most especially an American Bruce Mayrock who Sacrificed his Life by setting himself on Fire in front of UN Headquarters in New York USA on 30th May, 1969 to protest against the worst Genocide in Human History in Biafraland and inaction of UN Security Council.
    The World must be united at this Time to Extol the Memories of the Victims and get the UN Security Council to unanimously endorse the Arrest and Prosecutions of the Perpetrators of Genocide inside Nigeria which are legion including GOWON, DANJUMA, BUHARI, OBASANJO, ADEKUNLE, BURATAI, DAURA, AWOLOWO, MURITALA MOHAMMED ETC Prosecution of suspects dead or alive.
    The World must be united to call upon the UN Security Council to endorse the Sovereign REFERENDUM for Restoration of Independent State of Republic of Biafra.
    The World must also be notified that since 1970 till date the Republic of Biafra has been under unholy and illegal occupation and annexation by Nigeria State without any REFERENDUM which is a clear Violations of International Laws and UN Charter which states that you cannot forcefully annex another Country without a REFERENDUM. Biafrans has been under perpetual Enslavement in Nigeria and their Human Rights violated daily. Buhari their President has threatened them with Jihad, Genocide and total Extermination.
    Since UN Security Council intervened in 1990 to rescue and liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein of Iraq illegal occupation and annexation. Republic of Biafra situation is very urgent to avoid the impending Armageddon and Holocaust. BIAFRA MUST BE FREE and REFERENDUM to usher in the INDEPENDENCE is NON NEGOTIABLE and INEVITABLE.Irish Government has reported and confirmed 8 Million Biafran Citizens were killed in the Igbo Holocaust of 1967-1970 and remembering them is a Holy Service to Humanity.
    The World must be united to call upon the UN Security Council to set up BIAFRA GENOCIDE TRIBUNAL to prosecute the Nigerian perpetrators of this heinous Atrocities like the NUREMBERG TRIBUNAL that tried the perpetrators of JEWISH Holocaust of 1940s.

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Biafra News

Buhari: Nnamdi Kanu Faults Femi Adesina Over Biafra



The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, on Saturday disagreed with the statement credited to the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina that Muhammadu Buhari was not against the people of Biafra.

Kanu described such a statement as “a complete falsehood”, adding that “it can only deceive the gullible but certainly not those familiar with history.”

The IPOB leader who spoke in a statement by his Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful maintained that Biafra citizens had suffered enough persecution and killings at slightest provocation on several occasions.

“The truth rather, is that people of Biafra have continued to be victims of state persecution and calculated elimination.

Biafrans have been slaughtered at the slightest provocation on several occasions since the unholy amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914.

Nigeria Government and her partners in crime are sponsoring the killings and heartless massacre of Biafrans since 1945 till date.

“It is still fresh in our memory how this present Federal Government led by Buhari and his cabals killed innocent, peaceful and unarmed members of IPOB in Aba, Onitsha, Nkpor, Umuahia, Asaba, Igweocha, Enugu, Owerri and other cities. The killings have continued unabated,” he added.

Fulani terrorists, Boko Haram and terrorist groups have continued to slaughter with reckless abandon, Christians in Nigeria particularly Southern Kaduna Indigenes and Biafrans in their farms and villages, yet the Federal Government has done nothing drastic to stop the genocide.

“Ordinary designating the killer herdsmen terrorists has become a difficult task for the Federal Government which ironically tagged unarmed IPOB a terror group with the speed of light.

How does a government which pampers globally acknowledged terror groups but suppresses and kills peaceful agitators want to prove its innocence of bloodshed?”, he queried.

“On their unsubstantiated claims of being the best thing that has happened to Ndi Igbo, IPOB is challenging Femi Adesina, Arthur Eze and their likes in this Government to show Nigerians, Biafrans and World at large what they did and where this government and cabals sited any tangible federal project in Biafraland.

“It is very appalling that the Federal Government would not show where their imaginary projects are located in the South East since 5 years this government took over office on 29th of May 2015.

We wonder why Nigeria government will claim to have executed 69 different projects, and spent N680 billion in South East alone without showing or mentioning where those projects are sited.

“We are leaving Nigeria in the shortest possible time. Time for this fake, concocted and deceptive news has gone and there is nothing anybody can do to change our resolve to restore Biafra freedom and independence from Nigeria.”

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We Are In Talks With UN For Biafra Referendum — IPOB




The outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has stated that they are in talks with the United Nations to hold a referendum for a sovereign state of Biafra.

In a statement by the group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the group claimed that they were making efforts to ensure the referendum which will be organized by the UN will take place soon.

According to Powerful, the referendum would be peaceful, and that everybody that lives within ‘Biafra territory’ would vote according to their conscience, calling a UN supervised referendum ‘a must’

He said, “It is quite clear and understandable to every citizen of Biafra and indeed the entire world that we need a referendum, where the people will exercise their right on whether or not they want self-rule or continued existence within Nigeria.

“A UN-supervised referendum is a must and a right for every human being in Nigeria to unequivocally state where they wish to belong.

“We in IPOB and Biafrans in general expect the United Nations to supervise this referendum, which will enable even those living beyond the boundaries of Biafra to equally determine their own fate. We want freedom for all, not just for Biafrans alone.”

“IPOB is making frantic efforts to ensure that this happens in the shortest possible time. We are not going to force or intimidate anyone or tribe because the will of the people is sacrosanct and must be respected. Each individual will be allowed to decide where he or she wishes to belong.”

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We Do Not Expect Everybody To Support Biafra Agitation —⁠ Nnamdi Kanu



Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnmadi Kanu on Sunday vowed they are prepared to sacrifice the last drop of their blood to restore Biafra saying he does not expect everybody that bears a Biafran name to support wholeheartedly the move IPOB is making to ensure that freedom is restored in Igboland.

“We urge the good people of Biafra not to be unduly burdened when certain comments designed to pander to the Fulani Caliphate are uttered by some individuals or politicians as we march ever so remorselessly to our destination which is freedom for Biafra.

Kanu said in a statement by his Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful that these misguided individuals should therefore be pitied rather than condemned.

“Our position against the flawed foundational structures upon which our British colonial masters constructed the fraudulent edifice Flora Shaw originally named Nigga-area later anglicised to Nigeria by her lover Frederick Luggard must not be allowed to stand.

“It doesn’t matter what ignorant neo-colonial slaves say or do, the Fulani Caliphate will continue to use unity of Nigeria as an excuse to continue their age long camping of mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing as millions watch on impotently under the guise of keeping a British colonial product one.”

He said: “Each person is entitled to his or her opinion about whether to be a free soul or to continue living as the glorified slave. For us in IPOB, we have chosen to be free but we shall let those that wish to be enslaved to continue to do so till eternity. It’s all about choice.”

He reiterated that “we are not expecting every person to support Biafra agitation as long as we know that currently 99.9 per cent of our people are in support of the movement IPOB is making towards our quest for Biafra independence.

“We are not perturbed by the utterances of a few compromised politicians and their shameless agents, who because of their desire to please their slave masters, are ever ready to sabotage our collective interest. A million of them cannot deter us in our quest and unstoppable march to restore Biafra in the shortest possible time.”

“We are equally aware that Biafran politicians serving Nigeria in Abuja and other places took an oath to be ‘faithful, loyal and honest’ to Nigeria which for some of them means subjugating their fellow citizens to the devilish whims of the caliphate masters in core north. So, we expect them to honour their pledge the same way those of us serving Biafra in different capacities have pledged to serve her with the last drop of our blood and make sure it comes into existence in our time.

“The ungodly statements from Biafra politicians is an encouragement to us because it only serves to fire up our determination to restore our lost identity and freedoms. We quite understand that they are under the influence of whatever it is their masters fed to them but in time they shall all be put to shame or worse.

“IPOB is well organised the world over and solidly built on an immovable rock. Mere words cannot change our strategy nor will it dent our resolve to restore Biafra in every truth and honesty. But our assurance to them is that in the end, they will regret their actions. The day of reckoning is fast approaching.”

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