As We Transition To Another Era Of Power; Please, Dear Leaders, Do Not Fail Us

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By Favour Chukwuemeka Mark

The 1914 amalgamation of the southern and the northern protectorate, which birthed this space “Nigeria,” was, and hitherto, not ideal.

Without eschewing facts, one would say it was promising, agreed!
There were few good times, when it looked as though it was on a good path; With appreciable standard of education, purpose-driven policies and leadership, there was tenacity of purpose. With such trajectory, one could see in it, “a potential great nation.”

It has not been in that state of an Eldorado, neither in a state of utopia, yet, it had the substance to attain it, it was seen, there were signs, and that substance was not oil, and people believed in it.


But, not until they discovered oil. Laziness crept in. foresightedness got lost. corruption emerged. all hope got dashed.

It became so hungry of independence, and in October 1960, it was granted. Hope emerged again, rising to high heavens, everyone was happy, the future was bright.

Then, all of a sudden, came, what path Utomi calls “the class of sixty six (1966).” With this, came the birth of today’s woes.

The group of mafias, took us to military regime, toppling government upon government. And when it pleased them, they returned us to civilian government. Then, still continued their enterprise. The group that has been, and still is. They have no conscience, amassing stupendous wealth, and have refused to give way, they are blessed with good lifespan.


And without prejudice to these “elders,” their bests have not been that palatable, unfortunately. And I’m by no means implying they should hand over to us (the youth.) Not really. They should try a bit to use their good heart, even the youth are worse from the look of things, and are not ready. At least not that of this generation. We’re still trying to figure out ourselves, and would rather do the thuggery, while they give a little naira in exchange.

So, your excellencies and honourables, as you emerge and resume duties, be thoughtful of the needs of the people.

Pay salaries and pensions timely, build hospitals and industries, build roads, revitalize our education system, build recreation centers and provide security. Every other thing will take its place.


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