Abuja Doctor Denies Lady Treatment After She Refused Him Access To Her “Private Part”

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A Nigerian doctor has been accused of denying a patient medical attention because she didn’t let him perform scan on her private part.

The Chief Medical Officer Of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Clinic in Gwarimpa, Abuja has been called out by an Instagram user identified as @ashmusy for refusing to give treatment to a married woman on June 20th, 2019 because she did not let the doctor have access to her vagina.

Below is the full story as shared by @ashmusy:


The Chief Medical Officer Of Federal Road Safety Commission Clinic in Gwarimpa violently refused my wife treatment this evening because he claims that she refused him performing an invasive scan in her vagina about two weeks ago.

My wife had said two weeks ago that she was not comfortable with a male doctor inserting stuff into her vagina because of the nature of the procedure. So a female doctor attended to her instead.
So this man bore a few grudges and walked her out of a government hospital today when she was in very bad shape and the ailment today (malaria) is totally unrelated to the uterine scab issue of two weeks ago
I feel so hurt to see my daughter cry as her mother was denied treatment. My wife was so weak and unable to respond to the vitriol this man was pouring today!!

am petitioning the Nigeria Medical Association as well as FRSC and my lawyer has been briefed to commence legal action against this rather curious act of suspected perversion. I know a lot of doctors do terrible things to their female patients who keep quiet but this one will not be swept under the rug!!!

We had to go to another hospital and I am typing from there with PAIN!Valuable treatment time lost because a pervert’s ego is bruised. This nation really frustrates her citizens!

Worse, the female staff told us in confidence that they know this man’s antics but they fear to report him because he is very powerful and valuable to the institution. But he has no power over me so…..

She went ahead to share a Screenshot of the aggrieved, see below:


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