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Lady Reveals Why She Believes 80% Of Nigerian Girls Are Bisexual, Have No Brain




A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal why she believes most Nigerian girls are bisexuals, bitter and have no brain at the same time.

In her post she reveals this is a result of their feministic ego which has turned them into beings of lower intellectual capabilities.

Read her post:

About 80% of Nigerian girls are bitter, toxic, bi-sexual/bi-curious fucktards with pea-sized brains that shrunk as a result of their brain matter been sucked and pumped into their stupid female ego. It’s like they all drink from the same fountain filled with stupid entitlement mentality and intellectual handicap and toxic feminism.

I legit feel bad for Nigerian guys that have to settle with these lots and I sympathise with them in advance cos it’s a hard knock life they’re heading towards, especially as their daughters would have these uncouth and morally degenerative swines to look up to. Tragic.


Affirming her statement, a Nigerian guy said it is nothing far from the truth.

The young man wrote:

Nigeria men are so scared to say this out because of the massive offensive response it would bring them. But honestly Nigeria women are messed up and we think it’s a joke till it too late. Men are fucked up too we know that and say it so changes can be made..

But our woman don’t see anything wrong, they think it normal and that feminism has brought them that grace. If we contunue this way, am sure in 20yrs we would all be fucked up. (sic)

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1 Comment

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Lady Sent Away From Church Over Indecent Dressing



A lady identified as Samantha has narrated how she was sent away from an Abuja church because of her outfit which church officials deemed indecent and therefore inappropriate for church service.

Samantha lamented how she was deprived of worshipping her God because of her indecent dressing.

According to her, she was denied entry into the church premises because of her physical appearance.

Below is what she shared;

“Good morning and happy Sunday .this very fine Sunday morning , I was chased away from the house of God for dressing indecently. I am a sinner no doubt but my God didn’t tell me to look like a piece of shit because I’m going to church. and am marveled as to how me and my cousin look indecent am trying to understand and digest this . It’s pretty unfortunate because we are own problems imagine depriving myself of sleep to attend church to praise God and thank him for my life only to be chased back we were Blocked right from the gate and were treated in the most humiliating manner but thank God i could stay calm God gave me the mind to overlook I respected the fact I was in his presence it’s sad how even serving God is mad hard for us humans the content if the heart is what matters not the physical appearance reasons why alot of people are discouraged going to the house of God.


Growing up I was taught one thing God said come as you are . I believe that’s what God is truly like . After all is said and done to God be the glory I wasn’t allowed to attend Mass we were all sent back home .

It’s just sickening , the mentality of people the church as a whole we need to address this issues your going to the house of God to seek rest and peace? Well that’s where the real trouble is .and it shouldn’t be so I was born and brought up a Catholic i know what I should at least wear to church I am sensible enough to different bad from Good at least I should know what is presentable enough but oh well. Well I see nothing wrong with what me and my cousin are wearing but I guess the church has a problem with it.”

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WhatsApp To Stop Working On Millions Of Phones From Dec 31




If you are using an older phone and you are wired on WhatsApp, you need a phone upgrade urgently. WhatsApp has announced it will stop working on millions of phones from 31 December, as they have reached their lifespan.

That means users on a variety of older handsets could end up losing access to the messaging app.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has confirmed via its support page that it will stop supporting these devices on December 31, 2019.

The company says that any phone running the Windows Mobile operating system will not be supported after this date.

However, that’s not all. Any iPhone running software older than iOS 7 will no longer be supported and neither will any Android device with version 2.3.7 installed.


The iOS and Android blocks won’t happen this month but will take place on February 1, 2020.

WhatsApp says that anyone using these older phones can no longer create new accounts or reverify existing accounts.

‘Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time,’ the company said in a blog post announcing the cut-off dates.

WhatsApp regularly stops support for older devices, forcing users to keep up to date if they want to continue using the app.

Here are all the dates that WhatsApp stopped working on older phone systems.

June 30, 2017 – Nokia Symbian S60
December 31, 2017 – BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10

December 31, 2018 – Nokia S40

December 31, 2019 – Windows Phone OS

February 1, 2020 – iOS 7 and Android 2.3.7


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Should I Lose My Virginity Now Or Wait Till Marriage — Lady Asks



A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to ask users if she should lose her virginity now or wait till after marriage.

The Twitter user identified as ‘Amaka, with the handle, @thickamaka, caused quite a stir on Twitter after she shared photos of her b**bs in a transparent blouse and asked for advice, if she should lose her virginity now or wait till after marriage

“Should I loose my virginity now or wait till after marriage?” she asked.

And the replies she got were mostly from guys who body-shamed her in the most terrible manner…


See reactions below:

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