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BREAKING: Police Officer Shoots Self In The Head



Robert Echeverria, a veteran officer with the, New York Police Department is dead. The 56 year-old officer shot himself in the head at his Laurelton home shortly after 6 p.m., police sources said.

Robert who was assigned to the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group and had worked for the department for more than 20 years, on Tuesday totaled the number of officers who committed suicide this year to nine.

No one knows why he killed himself, but sources said that his death would not be unconnected with mental issues.

NYPD at the scene on Francis Lewis Blvd. Photocredit: New York Post

23 year-old Brenden Betts, a neighbor to Robert, who works for the Department of Transportation opined; “This is heartbreaking to see a family torn apart no matter the situation.

“Mental- health awareness is probably the number-one critical issue not being spoken of in this city today.”

Meanwhile, NYPD through its official tweeter handle, ‘@NYPDnews’, broke the news of Robert’s death and advised people to seek for help in any situation they find themselves in.

“We are saddened to announce that the NYPD has suffered another tragedy today with the loss of one of our officers to suicide.” The police department also urged officers to seek help for mental illness or depression.

“To anyone who may be struggling, know that there is support available,” the NYPD tweeted. “Behind each of these resources are people that care about your well-being.”