BBNaija 2019: Tacha Explodes As Housemate Leaves Pile Of Hair In Bathroom After Shaving [VIDEO]

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The Big Brother House served more pepper today as fiery housemate, Tacha decided to confront an attitude some Housemates had been portraying in Biggie’s house.

Tacha, who easily gets irritated by dirty surroundings was seen addressing housemates about uncleanliness.

Apparently, somebody had shaved in the bathroom and the unknown culprit left the pile of shaved hair in the bathroom.


This obviously didn’t sit well with her and she angrily shouted at all the housemates while instructing whoever did the dirty deed to clean it up.

She said:

“This is not your private bathroom, don’t just form, form to be clean. Whoever shaved huge pile of hair in bathroom, go clean it up and remove the nonsense. Men and women that can impregnate and give birth turning public bathroom into something else. Go and pack it.”

Recall that this is not the first time the housemates would fight about dirtiness in the BBNaija house. Just a few days into the house, evicted housemate, Ella, had a similar tussle with Diane over cleaning up the kitchen. The entire fight happened when Ella confronted Diane over not assisting or helping in cleaning up the house.

Surprisingly, Diane refused to keep quiet and threw Ella’s words back in her face. Since the housemates got into the house, Ella has shown the fact that she is all about cleanliness, and so, it was really upsetting when she went into the kitchen and met it dirty.

She immediately entered the bedroom and started ranting to the ears of other housemates. Diane, who couldn’t stand this reacted immediately as Thelma, her supposed bestie, backed her up.


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