Xenophobic Attacks: ‘It’s Legitimate To Kill Igbo In South Africa, They Commit Crime’ – Yoruba Man [VIDEO]

On September 5, 2019 0 Comment

An unidentified Yoruba man has warned South African citizens to stop killing Yorubas in their country, noting that the Igbo were the one committing different crimes in the world.

Speaking in a video clip extracted from the Twitter handle of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide, Pastor Reno Omokri, the yet to be identified Yoruba man opined that it was legitimate to kill, maim and maltreat Igbo because they are constituting nuisance.

His words, “I have watched two videos were Yoruba’s were attacked in South Africa. Yorubas don’t do crimes. We don’t do crime in your country. It is the Igbo who are involved in criminal activities in your country. And to a large extent, we have been able to expose to you that there is a huge difference between the Yorubas and Igbo……… The Yorubas are the owner of Lagos, not the Igbo. Another thing we have been told was that the Igbo in South Africa claim they are from Lagos. They are not from Lagos. So those of you in South Africa I don’t know if you can get to watch me via the Instagram, you will be watching a lot of my Youtube videos.


“But we want to say to you, STOP your attack on Yoruba citizens in South Africa. You’ve made a lot of wealth from Yorubas. Any further attack on Yoruba citizens in South Africa, we will take this to your own citizens on the street of Lagos.

“The Igbo cannot do anything to you. They don’t have human capital; they are committing CRIMES all over the world. So whatever you do to the Igbo in South Africa is LEGITIMATE, because they are constituting nuisance.”


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