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Ikpeazu Kicks Off Equipment Installation For Large-Scale Shoe Production In Aba




Upon assumption of office as Governor of Abia State in 2015, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu took up the challenge of projecting the ingenuity of the Aba shoe and garment producers by launching a massive Made in Aba Campaign.

The Governor personally led the campaign by wearing only articles of clothing produced in Aba from inception of his administration till date.

In the course of promoting the campaign, it was observed that Aba Producers could not expeditiously handle large shoe supply orders due to the absence of automation in the shoe production process. All processes were manually-driven which leads to delays and inconsistent batch production.

The Governor took it upon himself to solve this problem by setting about ensuring that large-scale shoe production equipments are installed in Aba.

The first step in the process of automating shoe production in Aba was capacity building which saw Ikpeazu sponsor 30 Aba Shoemakers to China to be embedded in a shoe factory for one month and learn machine-based production.


After the return of the China trainees, the Governor placed an order for the full range of shoe production machines that the Aba Shoemakers used in China.

ORIENTAL TIMES understands that the machines have since arrived Aba.

Contemporaneous with the placement of the order for the automated shoemaking machines, Ikpeazu also directed the building of a special purpose shoe factory where the machines will be installed.

The factory, ORIENTAL TIMES learnt, is also ready.

The Engineers from the company in China that supplied the machines have arrived Aba.

ORIENTAL TIMES gathered that today, Tuesday, November 26, 2019, Ikpeazu handed the machines over to them to commence the installation.

As of the time of filing this report, the 30 Shoemakers the Governor sent to China to learn the use of the machines were also on ground to work with the Engineers from China as they are expected to form the nucleus of the workforce of the shoe factory upon commencement of production.

ORIENTAL TIMES learnt that the installation process will take one month and the Chinese Engineers will be in Aba until installation is complete and production has begun in earnest.

The Engineers will also ensure that the Aba Shoemakers fully understand the process before they return to China.

The dream of an automated shoe factory in Aba has come to fruition. Aba is now well placed to handle any quantity of orders for shoe production and they will deliver expeditiously and according to specification.

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‘Sick People Don’t Need Prayer, Give Them Money’ — Reno Omokri



Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has taken to social media to share his views on just how powerful money is.

According to Reno, he saw the true power of money after he sent money to a sick acquaintance adding that so many sick people do not need prayers but money.

He wrote:

“I saw the power of money when I sent money to one of my congregants who was down with malaria. The bank alert unleashed a type of enthusiasm that can only be described as anti-malarial joy! Sometimes, sick people don’t need prayer. Give them money. Money is therapeutic! Bank alerts are the sweetest sound your phone can make. But, if you have a job, you only get alerted 12 times a year. However, with a business, you can get alerts DAILY. And what a positive high it gives! Start a side business so you can get high on bank alerts!.”


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Daddy Freeze Berates NYSC Skirt Agitation, Says It’s Madness



Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to the recent agitation which calls for the inclusion of ‘Skirts’ in the uniform of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) kits.

In a post by the OAP on Friday, he stated that the movement is a madness.

He said; “Is this not madness?”

“Even the disciples had abandoned these old covenant Jewish laws as far back as 2000 years ago, so why glamorize your ignorance by resurrecting them now?”

He also gave some biblical references to enlighten those calling for the inclusion of skirt in the NYSC system in the name of religious right.


See his post below:

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Woman Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Killing Husband With Eye Drops



A South Carolina woman was Thursday sentenced to 25 years in jail after she admitted poisoning her husband by putting eye drops in his drinking water.

In a plea deal, Lana Sue Clayton, 53, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of Steven Clayton, 64, at their home in Clover, near Charlotte, CBS-affiliate WBTV reported.

She was accused of poisoning her husband by lacing his drinking water with eye drops between July 19 and 21, 2018.

Her husband was initially thought to have died of natural causes but an autopsy toxicology report showed poisonous levels of tetrahydrozoline, which is found in eye drops.

“The coroner found a level of tetrahydrozoline in his system and that’s when we opened the case because that was very unusual for us,” York County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Trent Faris said, according to WBTV.


Prosecutors said in 2016 she also shot her husband in back of the head with a crossbow, ABC-affiliate WSOC-TV reported.

At the time the incident was put down as an accident.

Speaking at her sentencing, she admitted poisoning her husband but claimed he had abused her.

“I did impulsively put the Visine in Stephen’s drink and I did it with the intent to make him sick and uncomfortable. I was upset about the abuse and just wanted him to leave me alone,” Clayton, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, told the court, WBTV video showed.

“I never thought it would kill him.”

Clayton, a former Veterans Affairs Department nurse, said she got the idea of using eye drops, which are tasteless, colorless and odorless, from watching movies but thought they would cause diarrhea.

Prosecutors however said she killed her husband for money, throwing his cell phone in a lake so he could not call for help and and burning his will afterwards.

“She fooled one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever known in my life,” Steven Clayton’s sister Rosemarie Clayton-Leslie told ABC’s Good Morning America.

“My brother died a horrific death. I think my brother was screaming for his life.”

Clayton was arrested in August 2018 and charged with murder.

“Of the many homicide cases I’ve handled, this one probably takes the cake as far as being bizarre,” South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Paul Burch said.

While it is unusual, it is not the first time eye drops have featured in a homicide case.

In December 2019 a North Carolina man was charged with murdering his wife using eye drops, WSOC said.


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