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Oraifite Mayhem: Police ‘Cut-&-Join’ Account And 24 Questions For IGP & COAS





The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law [INTERSOCIETY] has in the past 48 hours been bombarded with calls, text messages and emails by well meaning and deeply concerned citizens of Nigeria and nationals of other countries. The call bombardment was to ascertain the true situation of things concerning the Monday afternoon, early and late evening mayhem in the ancestral home of Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor (Onowu) in Umunakwa, Ifite-Orafite, Ekwusigo Local Council of Anambra State in old Eastern Nigeria.

The bombarded calls came when Intersociety leadership was still battling to tidy up its recent advocacy against threats of extinction facing Igbo-Southeast senior police officers and possible others. The detailed advocacy projected, started since past two weeks, was finally tidied up and transformed into three letters sent to PSC, NPF, NAF and NCS. Below are the detailed background of the dastardly act and twenty-four questions arising from the Nigeria Police “cut-and-join” account. This statement is signed by Uju Joy Igboeli, Chinwe Umeche, Esq., Esq., Ndidiamaka Bernard, Esq., Samuel Kamanyaoku (Comrade) and Emeka Umeagbalasi (a Criminologist & Security Studies Graduate); all principal officers of Intersociety.

Right Of Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor As A Legal Practitioner In Nigeria

Recall that Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor is a Nigerian practicing lawyer of 15 years standing. He was called to Bar in 2004. Under the Nigerian legal practice and legal system, every licensed legal practitioner including Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor can practice law anywhere in the country; and under ‘human rights legal practice’ in the country, any licensed legal practitioner including Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor can defend any citizen falsely or legitimately accused of breaking criminal law of the country or any part thereof.

This is irrespective of the gravity of the accused crime(s) or whether his client(s) is falsely or validly accused of “acts of terrorism and terrorism financing”. In doing so, such lawyer, by practice and profession, is shielded from being accused or made a party to the crime. It must also be pointed out here that the Nigerian Bar Association; not the Nigeria Police Force or the Army, is tasked with sole mandate of regulating the conducts of licensed practicing lawyers in Nigeria.

Specifically, the NBA’s Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee is charged with the responsibility of disrobing or suspending or fining a lawyer who is found, after proper investigation, to have engaged in unprofessional or unethical practices. In Nigeria, too, crimes are defined and categorized by penalties and generally categorized into: (a) felonies which carry capital punishment as maximum and three years as minimum; (b) misdemeanors which carry three years imprisonment as maximum and one year as minimum; and (c) simple offences which carry six months as maximum.Nnamdi

Detailed Background Of The Oraifite Police & Military Mayhem

Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor is bereaved and mourning till date; having lost his beloved elder step brother, late Rev. Louis Chukwukpelum Ejiofor. The Barr had relocated to Oraifite from his Abuja base since 24th Nov 2019 and on Tuesday, 26th, a night vigil was organized for his late brother. On Wednesday, 27th, his brother’s body committed to mother earth, followed by condolence visits till Sunday, 1st Dec when the family had a thanksgiving church service, after which the condolences continued till date. The condolences attracted present and past public office holders, senior lawyers; human rights leaders, pro Biafra and other regional activists, captains of industry and numerous others.

For purpose of ensuring security during the funeral, the Ejiofor Family secured the services of both conventional (police) and ‘unconventional (vigilante and unarmed private guards, popularly called “bouncers”). Under Nigeria’s Private Guards Act of 1986 (now Private Guards Act of 2004), any Nigerian citizen can seek and retain the services of such guards. Also by the Firearms Act of 2004, any Nigerian citizen can validly or by license, operate or seek, for purpose of personal security, the services of bearer(s) of ‘un-prohibited firearms’, provided their firearms fall under Pump Action or Double Barreled guns and not “prohibited firearms” such as assault or military rifles.

Apart from being the lawyer of the unarmed Indigenous People of Biafra, controversially proscribed by the Buhari and Osinbajo led Federal Government of Nigeria, Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor is also, professionally speaking, the legal adviser of ‘Otu-Eke Cultural Masquerade Group’ in his Oraifite hometown. Some time ago, the Masquerade group had issues among its members, leading to a split and formation of a rival “Otu-Afor Masquerade group”. The two rival masquerade groups derived their names from ‘igbo’s Eke and Afor market days’.

To forestall the repeat of what ignited the earlier dispute (i.e. unethical and violent conducts during ceremonial activities), Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor in his capacity as the former’s legal adviser was hired to trade-mark the group’s masquerade regalia at the Fed Ministry of Trade & Investment, so as to differentiate the ‘Otu-Eke Masquerade’ from their rival ‘Otu-Afor’. The said regalia were later trade-marked at the said Ministry. Since then the relationship between the two has remained cat-and-dog, with some troublesome rich men in the Community said to be fueling the crisis.

On Saturday, 29th Nov, there was a funeral outing in the town where the deceased was said to have belonged to the two factions of the Masquerade. The two factions were invited by the deceased family. Somewhere, a misunderstanding broke out leading to scuffles or fisticuffs; forcing ‘the Otu-Eke faction to leave the funeral venue in protest. In the process, a member of the ‘Otu-Eke Masquerade was attacked and taken to undisclosed location; angered by same, members of the group regrouped, stormed the venue of the funeral and scattered tents, chairs, foods and drinks mobilized for same. In the end, each faction had a member apiece attacked and taken to their respective chambers or hideout.

Not done, the factional ‘Otu-Afor Masquerade group’ lodged a complaint of ‘abduction’, ‘malicious damage to property’ and ‘assault-occasioning harm’ at the Oraifite Area Command/Divisional Police Station. Among those named as culprits by the ‘Otu-Afor faction’, Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor was included and roped in as a culprit. As early as 6am on Monday, 2nd Dec, the Oraifite Area Commander and his DPO, with 16 other armed police personnel had stormed Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s ancestral home and demanded to see him.

The lawyer’s elder brother was handy but the Lawyer was not around. As a matter of fact, Barr Ejiofor specifically left his house earlier for his Nnewi office for the day’s court session, but was put on phone by his elder brother to speak with the Area Commander, who spoke to him and claimed that ‘they were looking for one “Udene” being harbored as a bouncer-security’ and that he is wanted for offenses elsewhere. An agreement was reached and assurance given to the effect that Barr would come and see them before 11am same morning and sort out the issue including releasing the said wanted “Udene” to the Area Commander and his DPO.

Sadly, before the agreed time could come to pass, truck-loads of armed police personnel said to be led by the Oraifite Area Commander, ACP Oliver Abbey and the Ichi SARS Unit Commander, ASP Joseph Akubo, had violently stormed the ancestral home of the Ejiofors and forcefully broke into same. The police narrative was instantly changed from “looking for one “Udene” to “looking for one Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor for case of abduction, malicious damage to property and assault occasioning harm”.

On being told that the Barr was not yet back, the armed police personnel fumed and opened fire, shooting in different directions and at close range too. The Barr Ejiofor’s family compound was turned into a war zone. Targeting scores of co-mourners and bouncer-security guards left behind, numbering not more than twenty in all including house errand boys; bullets rained in different directions, with many scampering for safety including the widow of Barr Ejiofor’s late elder brother, who is still mourning. As if that was not enough, too, the riotous and culpable armed police personnel grabbed one of the unarmed bouncer-security guards and smashed his fore head with thick plank, forcing him to slump and die instantly.

The resort to lynching followed local bullet resistance charms used or worn by the unarmed bouncer-security guards when they were severally shot at. In the end, two bouncer-security guards and two ‘common’ others were killed on the spot, with others sustaining gunshot injuries. The two slain bouncer-security guards were rescued by their colleagues and hidden while two others were made away with by the police. Photos of the two slain citizens are attached below.

The controversially reported killing by “Ejiofor’s men” of “two senior police officers” inside the Barr’s family compound has remained independently un-authenticated; likewise reports of killing of more defenseless citizens when soldiers invaded the Family houses and set the six houses and properties ablaze. The Nigeria Police, Anambra State Command must proof that the duo died and got killed in the Barrister’s place by his loyalists or by himself. We have further checked the profile of the ACP which the Police said was “killed in Barr Ejiofor’s house by his loyalists or himself”. He is known to NPF as “Oliver Inoma-Abbey, with appointment number AP36037 (number 167 in the NPF list of ACPs), born in Bonny, Rivers State on 15th July 1963, joined NPF on 1st July 1986, promoted to ACP on 21st Nov 2016, retires on 1st July 2021, held HND in Estate Management and appointed Area Commander, Oraifite Area Command on Dec 11, 2017”.

Police ‘Cut-and-Join’ Account

The Anambra State Police had in later part of same Monday, 2nd Dec, issued a ‘cut-and-join’ statement, riddled with controversies and unanswered questions. The Command controversially said as follows: “on 2nd Dec 2019, at about 11.30am, there was a formal complaint against one Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor ‘m’ (a member of the proscribed IPOB) in Oraifite on alleged case of abduction, assault occasioning harm and malicious damage to property. Following the report, the Police patrol teams led by the Area Commander of Oraifite, ACP Oliver Abbey mobilized and rushed to the scene in order to arrest the suspect who declined Police invitation”. Recall that the same Area Commander and his DPO were in the same house of Barr Ejiofor before 6am of the said date.

The Anambra Police ‘cut-and-join’ account continued: “however, as soon as Police arrived the house, armed men suspected to be IPOB members descended on the Police, set ablaze one Patrol vehicle and attacked them with rifles and machetes. As a result of the attack, two police officers whose identities are being withheld were killed by suspected IPOB members while others were inflicted with machete cuts…”.

“Consequently, the Command deployed reinforcements from the State Headquarters comprising of PMF, SARS and Special Anti Cult units in conjunction with the Arm y/other sister agencies who cordoned off the area to fish out the culprits…”. The Police later issued another statement and gave the names of two officers it said were killed as “ACP Oliver Abbey” and “ASP Joseph Akubo”. The Command further issued arrest warrant against the chief victim and maintained criminal silence over the havoc it wrecked with soldiers in the Family of the Lawyer, his siblings and neighbors.

Burning Of Six Modern Houses & Other Atrocities: Moments after the Anambra CP’s ordered reinforcements arrived the said family houses, soldiers of 302 Artillery Regiment Onitsha and Police SARS and Anti Cult, joined by PMF personnel and others went on rampage and burnt to ashes not less than (a) ten ‘provision’ stores located close to the Family House. The burnt stores were stocked with goods valued at millions of naira.

Other properties burnt down were (b) six modern buildings located within the premises of the Family Home including house-hold properties and a storey building/house of late Reverend Louis Ejiofor and his widow, (c) a car and a motorcycle parked in the premises, (d) all livestock in the Family House including goats, dogs and fowls and (e) house of a neighbor who supplied music and entertainment during the funeral. Apart from rendering the mourning widow of the deceased and the aged mother of Barr Ejiofor and other members of his nuclear and extended family homeless, the total burnt properties are conservatively valued at over N100m. The owners of the ten burnt stores were also made destitute over night.

Suspicious Burning Of A Police Vehicle & Two Unknown Corpses: While the Anambra State Police Command claimed that “a Police Patrol vehicle was burnt together with two officers beyond recognition at Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s house”, findings showed that the said vehicle and two yet-to-be independently identified corpses were suspiciously set ablaze along “Nkwo-Oraifite to Nkwo-Nnewi (Nkwo-Nkwo) Road”; a far distance from Barr Ejiofor’s ancestral House.

24 Questions For Anambra State Police Command, IGP & COAS

  1. When has it become a crime for a lawyer to defend his or her client(s) in Nigeria no matter the offense gravity?
  2. Is there any law in Nigeria that makes a practicing lawyer a party (or a criminal) to an offence accused of committed by his or her client(s)?
  3. When have the Nigeria Police Force including Anambra State Police Command and the Nigerian Army become the NBA and its Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee and taken over their functions?
  4. Assuming, but not conceding to the fact that “IPOB is a terrorist organization”, when have it become the operational and law enforcement norms of the Police and the Army for a defense counsel of a “terror” suspect to be roped or violently treated as “a terrorist”?
  5. How many lawyers defending Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists or Herdsmen jihadists in the Northeast or North-central have had their houses and properties burnt to ashes by security forces anywhere in Nigeria?
  6. Assuming but not conceding to the fact that the said two police officers were “killed and in Barr Ejiofor’s house and by his loyalists or himself”, when has it become a police or military operational or law enforcement guide or ethic for service personnel that died in the line of duty to be retaliated by wrecking havoc such as burning down houses and other properties or shooting and killing at will?
  7. Are personnel of the Nigeria Police Force and the Military now created and catered for with tax payers’ resources to be saved from dying in the line of duty?
  8. Are they created to defend and cater for themselves or for purpose of securing vulnerable and defenseless general and individual citizens of the country?
  9. When has arresting a suspect of offences of “affray-abduction”, “assault occasioning harm” and “malicious damage to property”; turned into mindless burning of properties, shootings and killings?
  10. In the instant case, was the Nigeria Police hired to kill and destroy or invited to investigate and prosecute the three named lenient offences?
  11. What was the Oraifite Area Commander and his DPO doing in the Family House of Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor as early as 6am on Monday, 2nd Dec 2019, only to turn-coat and claimed that they “received a formal complaint at about 11.30am”?
  12. Were the said two police officers truly killed?
  13. Were they truly killed in Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s house “by his loyalists or himself”?
  14. If truly killed, who killed them and where, when and how were they killed and where are their corpses?
  15. Where are corpses of the two defenseless citizens (‘Mission’ and Mathew) shot and killed by the Police in Barr Ejiofor’s house?
  16. How come the “two senior police officers were said to have been killed in the Barr’s house and by his loyalists or himself, with a Police Patrol vehicle burnt”; yet the same vehicle and unknown two corpses were found burnt along “Nkwo-Nkwo Road”, far away from the Lawyer’s house?
  17. Was it a foul play or cover up attempt?
  18. Is it correct to allege that the vehicle was burnt by the culprit police personnel so as to maliciously rope in the chief victim?
  19. Is it also not correct to allege that the two corpses burnt beyond recognition were the same two slain bodies of innocent citizens shot, killed and taken away by the culprit police personnel from the Lawyer’s house?
  20. Is it not correct to allege that the mayhem in Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s house was the handiwork of service agents of the Federal Government in furtherance of their hate policy against the Igbo Ethnic Nationality?
  21. Is it not correct to say that what started as mere intra-communal misunderstanding was hijacked, fueled and escalated by the referenced so as to rope in the innocent Lawyer with spurious capital offense accusations?
  22. Why is the Anambra State Police Command shielding itself or keeping criminal mute over the mayhem its personnel and soldiers perpetrated including burning of six modern houses and other tens of millions of naira worth of properties as well as killing, maiming and traumatizing defenseless citizens including the mourning mother and the widow of the deceased?
  23. Where has the conscience of Police and Military personnel in Nigeria, including the referenced culprit service personnel gone, to the extent they no longer value and respect the dead?
  24. Are they not going to die someday and expect to be given befitting burials and funerals?


International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law [INTERSOCIETY]


Mobile/WhatsApp Line: +2348174090052

Disclaimer: Opinion articles are solely the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official standpoint of Oriental Times or any of its editor thereof.



  1. Kelvin Agbogidi

    December 4, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    I don’t blame the security agents much because they went sent by a higher authority to unleash terror

  2. Obiora

    December 4, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    I’m not surprise to hear all these evil deeds of the Nigeria Institute and I concur with you in all that has been pen above as true. Nigeria is evil and needs to be dismembered with urgency

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‘Mr. Thomas Osuji Tells The Greatest Lie About The Igbo’



By Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

He wrote:

I am from Owerri; I think that Igbos behavior has to do with our specific psychology. The Igbo is very competitive. He works for his self, not for the collectivity. He wants to succeed at all costs and does not care about other people. In Igbo society you are rewarded if you work hard and compete and succeed. If you fail you are considered a bush animal (anuohia), a no-body, so every person works hard to succeed and not pay attention to the rest of the people.

Mr. Osuji was born in Lagos, grew up in Lagos except for a few months spent in Owerri during the war. He went back to Lagos immediately after the war and went Lagos primary and high schools and from thence to USA. He probably lived in Igboland for a maximum of four years. And did not get any schooling (primary or secondary) in a school with majority Igbo pupils. And therefore very little street education. His further studies has been mostly science with occasional dabbling is philosophy and religion. But no Igbo studies not even as a hobby.

Having not studied Igbo formally or indirectly by living and going to school with his peers, Mr. Osuji often uses his “common sense” to tell incredible stories about the Igbo. Common Sense can be very much misleading. There are many real things that do not conform to Common Sense. The concept of “Evil Forest” is one example, but more on this at a later paper.

The great lie in the Osuji’s thesis (extract above) is this:

In Igbo society you are rewarded if you work hard and compete and succeed. If you fail you are considered a bush animal (anuohia), a no-body, so every person works hard to succeed and not pay attention to the rest of the people.

It is true that the Igbo society encourages hard work and success and rewards people accordingly. But it is absolutely false that Igbo people do not pay attention to the rest of the people.

The truth is that part of the measure of one’s success in Igbo land is “how much one contributes to the welfare of others”. Here are some proofs:

1. The first young people that went to secondary schools from my town and almost all other towns were sponsored by the Town Improvement Union.

2. Nationwide there was Igbo Improvement Union to take care of those living in faraway places like Kano and Lagos. Igbo Improvement Union (IMU) built and managed schools for every town resident in those faraway places for all Igbo or non-Igbo.

3. Most of the first Igbo university students were sponsored by the town unions or by a wealthy brother, uncle, or cousin of nth degree separation.

4. A successful Igbo merchant in Kano would be expected to take with him many from the village to teach them how to succeed and after several years of apprenticeship will “settle” them. To settle here means give them capital to start on their own.

5. Everywhere you go to in Nigeria one would see clusters of Igbo from one SE town. If you probe further one would see the “Big Brother” that brought them there. This applies to all major cities around the world.

6. A common Igbo title name is “O chili O zua” one who gathers (people) and trains them.

7. Many of the pre-war secondary schools in Igboland were founded by town union. There were levies (taxes) imposed on all able residents (at home and abroad) to fund such projects. Not just schools but also hospitals and Town Halls. In some towns there are age grade projects. It is still going on even in USA and EU.

8. There is a negative side to this. The Igbo is likely to support another Igbo even when the support is not merited. Most corrupt politicians are supported because of their contributions to town projects even when the money comes from the constituent budgets and not from the politician’s pockets.

I suggest that Mr. Osuji should do a little research on Igbo people before accusing them of selfishness. It will help if he would join the prominent Imo Organizations that abound in most US cities or even Owerri town union. He will see the serious competition that goes on as towns try to fund development projects. Of course sometimes a crook gets hold of the fund and the project will not be completed.

The Igbo is one of the most patriotic nations in Nigeria. I can attest to that.

~ Aduba writes from Boston, Massachusetts.

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2023: South-East Presidency Or Igbo Presidency?



SKC Ogbonnia

By SKC Ogbonnia

Since zoning of political offices has become the order of the day in Nigeria, an equitable consensus would follow that Southern Nigeria—the Igbo in particular—will produce the next president of the country, come 2023. But such zoning convention has begun to beg the question: Would the candidacy be open to the entire Igbo nation or would such opportunity be limited to the South-East zone of Nigeria?

The answer is a no brainer: The ticket ought to be open to the entire Igbo nation of the Southern extraction. Here is why.

The proponents of rotational presidency argue that the concept would ensure a sense of belonging among Nigeria’s disparate ethnic groups. Of the three Nigerian major tribes, namely, the Igbo, Hausa-Fulani, and the Yoruba; only the Igbo are yet to lead the country under a democratic setting.

The Igbo nation—that is, people sharing similar heritage, including culture, names, language, and religion—is beyond the South-East zone. But many political pundits understandably like to paint a marginal picture, and the gullible society, the Igbo not excluded, never hesitates to buy the gambit. This distortion has perpetuated because of the fleeting nature of memory in the Nigerian state, where true history has been tabooed.

Besides Igbo indigenous communities in other states; the Ohaneze Ndigbo, the umbrella Igbo socio-cultural group, is a seven-state structure, denoting areas with sizeable Igbo population, namely: Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers states. The key offices are also distributed and rotated among the member states.

For example, while the current President General of Ohaneze, Barrister John Nwodo, is from Enugu State of South-East zone, the General Secretary (Barrister Uche Okwukwu) and Vice- President General (Dr. Sylvanus O. Ebigwei) hail from the South-South states of Rivers and Delta, respectively. Needless to mention that Ambassador Ralph Uwechue, an indigene of Delta State, was the Ohaneze President-General between 2009 and 2013.

A defining muddle is that, of the seven Ohaneze states, only Delta and Rivers are in the South-South zone. The implication is that the Igbo indigenous communities have found themselves in the minority among the ethnic nationalities that make up the South-South zone. Therefore, if the presidency is to be zoned based on the existing six zone-structure of Nigeria, a South-South Igbo of this generation cannot realistically aspire to lead the country, his or her credentials notwithstanding.

The foregoing hypothesis was tested in 2007 when the South-South zone lobbied for the presidency. The South-South Igbo, remember, were told in unmistakable terms to explore such ambition whenever it is the turn of their kith and kin in the South-East.

It is on such backdrop that Pa Edwin Clark, the Leader of the South-South zone, made the infamous (or rather the rational) statement that Dr. Peter Odili, a former governor of Rivers state, had no moral right to encroach on the turn of the zone. Even though Mr. Odili was arguably the most compelling presidential aspirant of in the 2007 electoral season, he was blackballed mainly because of his Igbo heritage.

The South-South Igbo must not be allowed to suffer a double political whammy. Having been sidelined by their South-South neighbors in 2007, based on ethnic orientation, it behooves the South-East Igbo to accommodate their kith and kin in the race for the 2023 presidency.

Make no mistake about this: The South-East is the only zone in Southern Nigeria that is yet to produce a democratically elected president. Therefore, embarking on the presidential project solely through prism of the South-East can be superficially plain. But the Igbo must be careful not to tempt a pyrrhic victory.

Politics is a game of number. We can take a cue from the political genius of our Hausa-Fulani counterparts. Despite their vastly disparate ethnic origins, the Fulani and the Hausa groups in the three Northern zones have molded into a seemingly homogeneous political block. It is not surprising, therefore, that they show a united front in the different political parties whenever it is the turn of the North to produce the president.

Though the North-West zone has dominated over the years, the people go the extra mile to ensure that the inherent zoning arrangement does not foreclose the aspirations of the Hausa or Fulani-speaking people from the North-East. That is how recent doyens of the North-East politics, such as Adamu Ciroma, Bamanga Tukur, Atiku Abubakar, and Nuhu Ribadu, were able to mount respectable presidential bids.

Broadening the Igbo political map is a win-win. It will offer Nigerians a larger pool of aspirants to choose from. Besides a galaxy of presidential aspirants from the South-East, it would also address the aspirations of the South-South Igbo, particularly those in their prime, for example, Patrick Utomi, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Ifeanyi Okowa, Tony Elumelu, Peter Odili, Mike Okiro, Chibuike Amaechi, and Nyesom Wike, to name a few.

Unity is power. A united Igbo front has a better chance of winning the zoning debate, to begin with. Further, a Nigerian presidential project anchored through the entire Igbo nation has the potential to unite the people towards common purpose. It can halt the defeatist trajectory of postwar politics and de-Igbonization policy of successive national governments, which have combined to fracture the Igbo unity to the point where some never hesitate to deny their Igbo heritage either for post-war survival or in exchange of political porridge. It can equally instill commonsense to those who use mere political affiliations or boundaries to assume superior Igbo heritage over the others.

Igbo bu Igbo! The hint is that the South-East and South-South Igbo share a common destiny in the Nigerian experience. And they ought to share good fortunes, as they did past misfortunes. For instance, the South-East Igbo bore (or have continued to bear) the brunt of the first Nigeria coup, led by Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, a South-South Igbo. Similarly, the South-South Igbo were not spared by the actions of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, a South-East Igbo, who led the Biafran war. The bond between the two Igbo groups is not lost in the fact that they have sustained similar voting patterns in national elections, despite postwar feuds, orchestrated by successive national governments.

A Nigerian president of Igbo extraction will not only heal the wounds of the past, it is also a bold step in harnessing the country’s abundant potential towards the greater good. It is an opportunity for equity and justice. It is an opportunity to assuage the long-standing distrust against Igbo-speaking people of Nigeria. It is a profound opportunity for the Igbo to reverse the downward spiral of distrust created among themselves by artificial post-civil war boundaries.

~ Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, a former presidential aspirant, writes from Ugbo, Awgu, Enugu State

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OpEd: `Nnamdi Kanu Not A Scammer, Will Certainly Restore Biafra This Yearʼ



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

Self challenge can bring about the best form of accomplishment. When Nnamdi Kanu woke up a freeman and in absence of influence after self appraisal and announced he would restore Biafra in 2020, he has a massive plan and mean business. What triggered Kanu’s position was confidence and renewed confidence is like lubricating a car to accelerate its speed or healthy delivery; his vow to restore Biafra this very year is devoid of pressure, it was a vow freely made.

When a man starts losing relevance; he starts speaking out of desperation to regain relevance, but it’s an open secret that Nnamdi Kanu’s members are adamant their supreme leader still has his fleet of relevance. Therefore; it is presumed that Nnamdi Kanu is not that man that speaks out of desperation to hold together his falling empire.

When a scammer wants to scam his victims for the last time; he often makes a vow that he would deliver the purpose of the money his victims have been sending to him. I have been a victim; where I fell into the net of a scammer, I gave him a thousand, he gave me an excuse, I gave him thousands, he gave a pretext, and at a point, he said I should finally give him millions, that once I pay him millions, he would give me the keys to my heart desires. I gave everything I had but the keys were not given and I did not see the man again.

Although; members of IPOB have made it clear that Nnamdi Kanu is not a scammer and he does what he says. I have no option but to believe; I will pay my monthly dues, I will offer my support, I will do everything I can because Nnamdi Kanu is not a scammer and as such, would not give me excuse this year. Biafra is certainly going to be restored this year but if Nnamdi Kanu fails, I pray he fails not, because a scammer will be better than our holy supreme leader.

I doubt that Nnamdi Kanu would fail to restore Biafra this year; because I was exclusively told that his Israel is preparing this year. CIA is already waiting for his order to act. USA is waiting for him to tell them he is ready and after considering his cons and pros, he decided to make Biafra a sovereign state this very year. Nnamdi Kanu is determined and we must not take his determination for granted; Biafra will eventually come this year because Elohim sent him.

Failing to restore Biafra this year will come with consequences; needless to questioning what triggered such declaration by Nnamdi Kanu, I believe he is a man that knows his right from his left. He canceled his radio Biafra broadcast for a national assignment, which points to the direction of preparation, should Biafra fail to be a sovereign state this year, the impact will be negatively maximum.

This year will define Nnamdi Kanu and could be the final nail on his coffin of irrelevance if he fails to restore Biafra as vowed. The people will stop taking him serious because this is a different time in this struggle. Nnamdi Kanu might have said Biafra will come and got away with it in the past; but never had he critics as he has today. Never had people spoken up against his atrocities as they do today; he has been demystified and as such, getting away with this year’s vow of restoring Biafra will be uneasy one.

Kanu has been accused of embezzlement; although, his radio Biafra remains a potent weapon of brainwashing used against the people of Biafra, nothing can be as dangerous as having citadel of lies as sanctuary of hope. Nnamdi Kanu knows he cannot rightly vow Biafra is coming this year and in 2021 continue to rant. One cannot continue to fool the people all the time; the turning point might start once 2021 comes and Biafra remains a mirage.

~ Chijioke, a freelance/investigative journalist writes from Enugu. He can be reached on

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