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‘It’s Dangerous To Marry A Lady Who Doesn’t Believe In You‘ — Counselor Warns Men



A popular Ghanaian counsellor, Edem Adofoli in one of his recent messages has indicated that there is need to for young men to marry ladies who believe in them.

In his latest post, he made some suggestions stating that a man should never try to marry a lady who doesn’t have any iota of believe in him.

According to him, before a man decides to settle down with a lady, he should make sure the lady shares in his dream adding that marrying a woman who does not believe in you could spell doom for you eventually.

Here is his full message;

“If you are a young man planning to settle down, what are kind of qualities in a woman do you look out for? Many men will tell you, they want a woman who is God-fearing, intelligent, educated, beautiful, good at cooking and laying bed, a homemaker, etc. Hardly will you hear a man say he is looking for a woman who believes in him.

Many young pastors have made this mistake; he sees a beautiful young woman who sings very well in the church, he imagines how great it will be to have her as a wife, to be part of his team and ministry but never bothers to find out if the woman believes in him and his ministry. He rushes her to the alter only to realize things are not working.

Men need helpers, wives; not just any helper or wife but a woman who motivates them to become better people, a woman who helps him to see the potentials and greatness that she sees in him.

It takes such a woman to pray for you every day to become what she sees in you. It takes such a woman to stand by you when everyone doubts you. It takes such a woman to respect you even when you are broke and have nothing to show for the potential she saw in you.

It takes such a woman to be submissive to you, take your advice and instructions. It takes such a woman to serve you. It takes such a woman to comfort you when you have bad day or the going gets tough.

A woman who believes in you doesn’t disrespect you, she doesn’t insult you. She doesn’t discuss you negatively with others, she doesn’t compare you to others, she doesn’t force you to do things to please her. She is understanding.

She knows you are not perfect but she loves and respects you. Such a woman is an inspiration to her man for how she deals with his imperfections. She is loyal and doesn’t care about who wants her, for her man is the only person she wants. To her, between stones, He is the only diamond she found.

She is not the type who easily gives up or blames her man when things go wrong. Lots of men are in marriages filled with drama because they didn’t get married to the ideal woman they needed.

A man’s true helper has no time for drama for she knows her purpose in the man’s life. A marriage filled with drama is a clear indication that the couple are disconnected from the purpose and meaning of their union.

Men, get to know women before you jump into relationships with them, don’t get married to someone you don’t know personally. Take time to build a bond before you enforce a title. Getting to know what is in the woman’s mind should be more important to you than knowing what is between her legs.

If you don’t know what causes them to move or act in certain ways before you get married to them, you might end up wondering why the marriage is not working.

Last but not least, don’t flash money to get a wife and then wonder why she only wants money. Money can get you a prostitute but not a wife. A wife will keep your matrimonial bed undefiled but a prostitute will turn it into the hotel bed.”



  1. Kelvin Agbogidi

    December 5, 2019 at 11:06 am

    Very correct, if not the marriage will not succeed

  2. Nickson Charles

    December 5, 2019 at 10:12 am

    May God direct us we that never mary to our heart desires

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