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Cure For HIV/AIDS: Biotron Flagship Drug Have Positive Results For Curing HIV



Cure for HIV/AIDS is under research and a lot of pharma companies are getting close and claims to find a cure. Biotron is the latest leading name from Australia whose analysis of their new drug has yielded great results. The pharma company is currently working on the clinical trials of its lead flagship drug BIT225 for HIV and the results have broken the stock market.

Biotron has completed phase 2 clinical trials on the new HIV drug and will now work on the next stages and find ways to mass-produce the same. If the efforts from Biotron are successful, we could very soon cure HIV and AIDS with their flagship drugs.

Biotron Stock Prices are Up by 750 Percent

Biotron stock share prices have risen up by 750 percent after the flagship drug BIT225 came up with positive results. The flagship drugs have a unique effect on HIV infected patients, apart from the viral suppression done by the antiretroviral drugs.

The phase 2 clinical trials at Biotron were done on the HIV-1 patients, it is the most common and dangerous variety of HIV. Dr. Michelle Miller, the boss of Biotron said that the test results are a major step towards the goal of curing HIV-1 infection.

New Patents and Future Work for HIV Cure

The next step is finding a complete cure for HIV and AIDS, which includes entering into phase 3 and planning beyond that. Biotron told their shareholders that they will now focus on the commercialization of the activity and setting up the technology of the future. The company will continue to investigate finding the working of the drug and how it created immunological changes while fighting the virus.

All the data compiled by Biotron will be presented at a major conference in Boston, during March next year. The Australian company has also filed two new patents for increasing the usage of BIT225 drug to a phase 3 trial.

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