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Ways To Protect Your Bank Account From Hackers



There are many obvious reasons that emphasise the need to secure bank accounts. The primary one is the fact that, the bank accounts are the place where our money resides. It actually deals with the real money and we cannot take any chance of risks when the point of our income is considered, according to

Now a days, the hackers are targeting the potential users rather than the banks as it is easy to crack the personal computer network when considered to the large banking networks. So extreme and severe security measures must be taken to guarantee the security for our bank accounts.

Ways in which your bank account is misused or hacked

The most common way by which the bank account will be hacked is by obtaining the personal details of a person and further hacking his/her mail account.

Also if you forget to sign out of your personal mail account there is a higher probability of being hacked. Once the hacking to mail account is successful then the hacker might try to reset the bank account password and this will be successfully done as all these communications happens through the mail and it has already been hacked. This way your account might get hacked.

There are some cases in which several hacking has happened because the user has deliberately shared his own account details with someone in the internet. People who get friendly with you over internet might be trying to get your secure bank personal information. Once being friendly and after establishing a tight bond with you, the account information might be shared by you and this leads to your account being hacked.
Another way by which your account might get hacked is by obtaining your private details and IP when you click on certain links or reply to some spam mails. These might create some malwares in your system so that the hacker can keep track of all your transactions and secure bank personal information.

There were also some reports about the bank accounts being hacked when the users gave their information and all important details to an official bank mail or a person who he/she thought was an authorised official from bank.

Here are ways to secure your bank account

One easy step to ensure a secure bank account is constantly checking your account balance and reviewing your monthly statement. If you note unusual activity, you can immediately, take further measures.

If you make any bank transactions through the internet, make sure that your internet is safe and protected. You might have to enter your account details in many cases. So make sure your network is bug free to prevent account misuse.
Also when you open or reply to any links that might seem to be an official one from the bank, proper observations must be carried out to ensure that you are at the right site and not replying to a trap. It is very important to secure your personal details as well.

The usage of your official and personal mail addresses should be very carefully done. It is easy to hack a mail account after obtaining all the personal information and using your mail account.

A hacker can easily reset your bank account’s password. Ensure that you do not open your mail at unsafe or unfamiliar places. If so, make sure that you have properly signed out.

Another way is to make your password very strong and not easily hacked. Make sure that your devices, Internet browser and operating system are always updated.
Use applications that are available in the financial sector especially, which are provided by the banks to do every bank transactions on your mobile phones, and avoid using public networks.

Make sure that your credit or debit cards are safe and if stolen, alert the authorities and take every precautions. Special care must be taken to block your account once you suspect your card or your card number is stolen. In this case immediately block your credit /debit cards.

Nowadays, there are many banks which are prone to hacking attacks. Ensure that you leave your money with a very well reputed bank which takes every security measures and the latest softwares to provide high-tech security to its clients so that you can secure your money.

Ensure that for all transactions, you use official and authorised websites so that no malwares or viruses get into your system that might affect the security measures in the future.

Always make sure that you use the social networking sites to a limited way as some hackers might try to establish a relationship with you and extract your details.

Beware of all the personal information that you share over the Internet. It will be easy to hack your accounts if a lot of information is disclosed in the web about you.

There are many cases in which hacking have happened as the user cannot properly memorise their PIN number. If you write it down or enter into your cell phones, ensure that it is safe
In case of security questions required to ensure authorised access, make sure that the questions that we select are the ones that cannot be easily answered and only the ones that you know.

Never share your personal account details over fake calls pretending to be bank or fake emails asking for details in the form of lottery winning.

Never ever post pictures which contain your account details and personal information on any social media.

Today as everything goes digital and smart, the usage of bank accounts for all day to day transactions are increasing rapidly. While it ensures that we need not use hard money, there is a high probability of hacking that leads to lose of our money.

To protect your bank account, all possible measures must be taken. The usage the Internet and mails must be perfectly verified and monthly reports of account details must be made so as to ensure security and secure your bank account. Keep your account safe and make your money out of danger.

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