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How Little Girl About To Be Trafficked, Escaped At The Airport



A little girl who was about to be trafficked by a man, was able to alert airport officials discreetly, prompting them to delay the flight and arrest the culprit.

According to a social media report, the girl who was with the man, slipped a note in the hand of a flight attendant, notifying her she was being trafficked.

Reports have it that the trafficker had legit identifications for the two of them, but was eventually arrested after Police laid siege to the flight.

The lady who reported the incident mentioned that discreet investigation is on to unravel the syndicate behind the crime.

She wrote:

My coworker just informed me that an airplane air RDU was purposely delayed because a little girl slipped the flight attendant a note saying “I’m being trafficked”. This man had legit identification to get them through the airport and all. That’s crazy. Police did get the girl.

For those asking, my coworkers fiancé works at the RDU airport. They had to act like the flight was benign delayed while police got there and surrounded the plane. I haven’t heard about it on the news yet, they’re probably trying to find more people connected.

He was really about to fly this girl somewhere. That’s really bothering me!

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