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Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer, Ejiofor Returns Home 1 Month After His House Was Burnt



Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, lawyer to Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and general counsel to the pro-Biafra group, has returned to his compound after it was allegedly invaded and set on fire by the Nigerian police.

Ejiofor took journalists around to show them the level of damages that was done to his house and community.

Speaking to the newsmen, Ejiofor stated that the security forces invaded his house to kill him, in connivance with businessman, Emeka Offor, just because he is IPOB’s Lawyer.

The Nigerian Police had declared Ejiofor wanted over the deaths of two Police Officers who were killed last month by suspected IPOB members in Ejiofors residence.

However, Ejiofor stated that the situation had nothing to do with IPOB but more to do with the fact that he was Lawyer to the proscribed group.


He alleged that Emeka Offor, in service to the government, was after his life for defending IPOB in court.

He said that a local altercation between two Masquerade groups was used to rope in Ejiofor which led to the invasion of Ejiofors country home in Oraifite by the police.

According to him, when the police got to his house, and discovered he was not around, they opened fire on the residents and killed 4 people, carting away two of the bodies.

Ejiofor said that it was the bodies of the two innocent people killed in his residence that was paraded as two police men killed by suspected IPOB members

He said that the Police and the Army now mobilised, returned to his neighbourhood and burnt over 40 houses in the area including his own, and raped many women.

He called on the authorities to give him justice by conducting a thorough investigation in what happened in his residence on December 4th.

Read his statement below:

I want to use this opportunity to thank my fans, friends, proffessional colleagues and undaunted members of the Indigenous People of Biafra for standing with me in this moment of grief/trial.

My special thanks goes to my Client, my Senior brother and indefatigable leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (Mazi Proffessor, Dr. NNAMDI KANU) for reawakening the international community to their solemn duty to act swiftly on the crime against humanity committed in my house., I can’t appreciate him enough and he retains my everlasting loyalty . Also to be thanked is the prompt condemnation of the Carnage , bloodletting and killings in my house by Ohaneze Ndi Igbo.

NBA Abuja can not be thanked enough for their vociferous condemnation of the muderous activities of the combined team of the Nigerian Police and military in my home. They are all outstanding . My fans accross the globe can’t be thanked enough for standing tall even on the face of this adversity. You all are appreciated. What happened in my house is a clear demonstration of crime against humanity.

My only saving grace in this conspiratorial move to assasinate me ostensibly executed by agents of the state, and masterminded by Emeka Orakwue Offor is my respect for constituted authority. If I didn’t insist on honouring my word with the ACP on their mission to my house, I would have been a dead person by now, because the mission of the police and military in my house wasn’t to investigate the commission of any crime but to assasinate me, having been heavily paid by Emeka Orakwue Offor and Government he represents in the crime. Kindly note that I can never relent in my desire to ensure that Justice is done no matter the high powered manipulation being undertaken by Emeka Orakwue Offor at present, to ensure that the case is swept under the carpet.

Emeka Orakwue Offor, Sunday Ignoanuzue, Cascer Ufondu and cohorts cannot escape the wrath of the most High God. What happened in my house will be a child’s play to God’s vengeance that will be visited upon them. Note further that Emeka Offor cannot finish this fight as the Almighty God will finish the fight for me. I never offended anybody in any way, my only offence was defending IPOB within the best of my professional ability, which duty I can’t renege on even against all intimidating odds. I thank you once more for being with me and standing by me. I am indeed overwhelmed. May the good Lord bless all people of goodwill that have stood with me in this trying period.

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Facebook Restores Nnamdi Kanu’s Page



Nnamdi Kanu

Social media giant, Facebook has republished the page of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

ORIENTAL TIMES had earlier reported that the pro-Biafra leader’s page was shutdown.

The group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, in a statement yesterday, had alleged that the action was taken by Facebook Nigeria who, it said viewed the page as a platform to exposing the ills in government.

It warned that Biafra had suffered greatly as a result of denial of media space in the late 60s, saying it could not afford to allow same to continue in the 21st century.

However, a quick check by ORIENTAL TIMES early Friday morning shows that the page has been restored.


Kanu, in a post on the page after it was back on the platform thanked “Biafrans and lovers of freedom on social media for pressurising Facebook to rethink.”

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Biafra: ‘If You Don’t Want Us, Then Let Us Go’ — Onyeka Onwenu Tells Nigerian Govt [VIDEO]



Veteran Nigerian singer cum politician, Onyeka Onwenu, has asked the Nigerian government to “let Igbos go” if they’re no longer wanted in Nigeria.

The human rights activist made this statement at a conference tagged: “Never Again Conference: Nigerian Civil War 50 Years After” in commemoration with the Biafra War 50th Anniversary.

Onwenu stated that Nigeria cannot continue to inflict pains on Igbos and expect them to take the pains, adding that the Igbos are children of God and are in Nigeria for a purpose.

The legendary actress warned the rest of Nigerians that even if they continue to insult the Igbos, they (Igbos) will not succumb to intimidation.

Onwenu, who is the immediate past Director-General of the National Center for Women Development in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, warned that Nigeria cannot tell the Igbos to shut up and take the pain that is being inflicted on them.


Her words:

“Listen, let me say to the rest of Nigerians, you insult us, (sometimes we do same to Nigerians and that is terrible, we have come to a stage where we have to be insulting each other so badly)”?

“Go ahead, we will not succumb, we will not bow. We are children of God, we are here for a purpose, God has put us for that purpose, you cannot drive us to the sea, you cannot tell us to shut up, take the pains that you’re inflicting on us on top of it.

“Listen, if you don’t want us, then let us go.”

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We Won’t Let IPOB Meeting Hold In Bayelsa — IYC




The Ijaw Youths Council (IYC), Central Zone, has insisted that it would not allow the Indigeneous People of Biafra (IPOB) to hold its meeting in any part of Bayelsa State.

It was gathered that IPOB’s scheduled meeting in Yenagoa at the weekend could not hold because the Kennedy Olorogun-led IYC warned against it.

The IYC Chairman threatened that anybody caught holding such meeting in the state would be thoroughly beaten.

Describing such meeting as a threat to Ijaw nation, Olorogun maintained that IPOB should restrict activities for its agitations to its zone.

Clarifying his position, Olorogun told the Nation that the Ijaw people have their agitation against the Federal Government and had pursued it over the years.


He noted that contrary to the claims of some persons, Ijaw is not part of Biafran territory and will never partake in the activities of IPOB.

He explained that agitations had consequences adding that the Ijaw people had managed their issues without involving persons pushing for Biafra.

Olorogun said following tips received by the leadership of IYC that the IPOB members were preparing to arrive Yenagoa for a meeting, he promptly informed security agencies.

He said apart from warning IPOB against holding such gathering, the IYC sent a team to suspected venues and ensured no part of the state was used for the meeting.

He said: “The agitations of Ijaw against the Federal Government was born at the Kaiama Declaration. Right from then, we have pursued these agitations bearing all consequences associated with them.

“We do not want to inherit another agitation. Therefore, we have warned IPOB to stay away from Ijaw territory. We have said it time without number that Ijaw is not part of Biafran territory. They should restrict their activities within their zone.

“We are calling on hardworking Igbo people in our state to go about their businesses and we also want them to warn their IPOB brothers to stay away from the state.

“Any Biafra group caught holding meeting anywhere in Bayelsa State will be tagged as a deliberate attempt to fight the Ijaw people in their house, and we will not tolerate that but will stand to defend our territory with anything

“We also urge Ijaw people to be vigilant and pass information should in case they notice such meeting any day or anywhere in Bayelsa State”.

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