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Real Reasons Why Your Body Itches After Bath; How To Prevent It



For some people, hitting the shower brings with it an uncomfortable side effect: pesky, persistent itching.

Itching after you take a bath or shower isn’t uncommon.

Below are causes of body itching after showering.

1. Dry Skin

The most common cause of body itching is dry skin. This is not the only cause of body itching but it is the most common cause .

2. Soaps

There are different types of soaps out there. One just need to know the best soap that works for them. You should also note that our bodies react differently to different soaps. Some soaps are strongly alkaline while others are mildly alkaline. It’s advisable you go for the mildly alkaline ones.

3. Very Hot Water/Very Cold Water 

This two have the capacity of depleting the skin’s essential oils and nutrients making it dry thereby causing body itching. This makes the nerves more sensitive, causing one to feel itchy.

4. Climate

Taking a bath in hot climate like in some northern states in Nigeria such as Sokoto, Adamawa etc can also lead to body itching as a result of dry skin.

5. Use Of Tough Sponge And Also Vigorous Scrubbing Of The Body 

Some people have complained that whenever they use a tough sponge they tend to feel itchy but whenever they use a soft sponge or no sponge at all,they feel just good,they feel normal. We don’t know how true this point is but you might want to try it, it may work for you also.

Now away from the causes and into the remedy.

How to Prevent Body Itching After a Bath.

1. Pat Dry Instead Of Drying Off 

Many of us don’t really know how to use the towel. Instead of dragging the towel on your body to absorb moisture,you can just press the towel gently on and off your body.

2. Towel Hygiene 

Our towel hygiene matters a lot. Try to keep your towel dry always after each use. Damp towel can harbor fungi which in turn can cause itching and even skin diseases such as eczema and ringworm.

3. Moisturize Your Skin While It’s Wet

Many of us always live the moisture on our skin to dry off before applying moisturizers and lotions, this is very wrong. Never wait for your skin to dry before applying moisturizers.

4. Switch Soaps 

Yes, sometimes the cause is within the soap you are using. Try to know the best soap for your body. Some soaps are more alkaline while others are just slightly alkaline.

5. Use Vaseline

Pure petroleum jelly can help to reduce body itching after a bath. Vaseline helps by keeping your body moisturized through locking up of essential oils within your skin.

6. Anti-itch Creams 

This should really be the last part of it. You should try the other points above before moving down to this one. Anti- itch creams contain lactic acid which may be used to soothe itching from dry skin and to help bind moisture to the skin.

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Rumours Linking 5G To Coronavirus, Baseless Conspiracy Theories, Says Expert



An Information and Communication Technology expert, Mr Jide Awe, on Sunday described rumours linking coronavirus to the roll-out of 5G technology as baseless conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Awe, also the Chief Executive Officer of Jidaw Systems Limited, made this known in an interview with Newsmen on Sunday in Lagos.

He noted that most of the misinformation on 5G came from a deadly mix of ignorance, unsubstantiated evidence and zeal.

Awe said there had always been concerns about the dangers of radiation from cell phones and networks, noting that even if the concerns might be genuine, they were unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

“I was shocked when I saw 5G networks being linked to the emission of coronavirus; false information should not be passed around at a period like this where a lot of people are having panic attacks and feeling uncertain due to the virus outbreak.

“The concerns are about radiofrequency radiation from cell networks, but mainstream science studies have shown no link and research is still ongoing.

“Issues that are totally unrelated are now being muddled up on the Internet by these conspiracy theorists using the social media platforms.

“I have watched many of the videos and even read their studies on 5G, but the truth is that their so called findings are not recognised by any credible sources in the global academic, scientific and health communities, which include organisations such as World Health Organisations (WHO), International Telecommunication Union (ITU),” Awe noted.

He said that most of the conspiracy theories emanated from random blogs or videos on social media that had become not just influential but dangerous.

“It is so sad that we have prominent people in the society being hoodwinked and helping to spread the misinformation,” the ICT expert said.

He said NCDC had warned that in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, it was necessary to stop the spread of rumours and fake news.

Awe said that this rumours of 5G being linked to Coronavirus was particularly disturbing as it diverts attention and energy away from areas that should be focused on.

“5G is an incredible technology that will transform the world and lives; it will also enable us maximize emerging technologies such as Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and video applications to drive innovation and productivity.

“With the right policies it can help in addressing our developmental challenges. It will be a shame if we allow misinformation to hold us back and deny our children this unique growth opportunity.

“The funny thing is that quite a few countries including Nigeria have no 5G networks yet we already have COVID-19 confirmed people. So, how come?

“South Korea was the first to launch a 5G network and there have been no negative reports,” he noted

Awe said that people should be able to reason that technology advanced countries in Asia, Europe and America, who were competing aggressively in the 5G space, would not want to endanger their populace if the network was dangerous.

“The danger with conspiracy theorists is the fact that they just make things up, because there is no proof, evidence and rigorous evaluation to their claims.

“It is disturbing that this should be our focus in this critical period,” Awe said.

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Ecstatic & Proud Nigerian Lady Narrates Story Of How She Disvirgined Her Gay Husband



An ecstatic Nigerian lady has narrated how she “disvirged” her husband who is gay.

The lady who wrote to popular online love doctor, Joro Olumofin and begged to be kept anonymous disclosed that her husband sometime in 2019 confided in her that he was gay but has not being “anally disvirgined”.

According to her, she empathized with him for having the courage to open up to her.

Revealing further details, the lady said she purchased a dildo and made love to her husband through his an*s until he came.

She stated that she is happy she did it, adding that if she had not done it, someone might and in the process invade the sanctity of their home.

The lady advised married women to support their husbands’ needs in marriage.

Read her message below;

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My First Child Is Not For My Husband, I’m Scared I’ll Lose My Marriage If I Tell Him — Lady



A distraught Nigerian lady has disclosed that her first child belongs to another man other than her husband.

In her quest to get the pains off her chest and to get people’s opinions, the lady who wrote anonymously confessed that she had an affair in the early stages of her marriage which resulted into pregnancy.

The lady said she confirmed the child whose gender she did not reveal albeit on purpose belonged to the man she had an affair with after reports from a test she ran was made available to her.

According to her, she’s very scared and have the feel her husband might soon find out. So, she’s asking if she should tell her husband. She is afraid and doesn’t know if he will forgive her. She stated that she loves her husband and also wants to keep her marriage.

Read her story below;

“I am not here to be judged. i need a help please. I am uneasy. my first child is not for my husband. I had an affair early stages of my marriage. I regret it so much. I did the test some years ago and reports shown this child is not for my husband.

“I love this child with all my heart non the less. I and the father of my first child are still close, we don’t have sex or anything. He is married. I take this my child to see his/her biological father often. My child knows him for now as uncle.

“My issue is this. I love my husband and he has been the best man to me. I get scared my husband may find out if our child falls very sick one day. I hate my husband taking this my child to the hospital for any reason. i get scared. even if it’s for cough.

“Should i tell him directly? will he forgive? Because the biological father of the child wants to be a part of the child life at some point.

“I want to keep my marriage and i love my children to grow up under one roof.

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