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Man Disguised As Mentally-Challenged Person Allegedly Caught B£heading Mentally-Disabled Woman In A/Ibom [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]



A Facebook user, Ijeoma Maryjane Nicholas has claimed that a young man disguised as a ”mad person” was caught beheading a mentally-disabled woman in Akwa Ibom.

The incident allegedly happened on Tuesday night at about 10pm along Abak road, Ikot Ekpene.

Sharing two graphic photos of a beheaded boy, she wrote;

A young guy who disguised as an insane person today was caught while beheading a mad woman who stays along Abak road, Ikot Ekpene AKS today 11/2/2020 at exactly 10 pm.
When he noticed that he has been seen, he ran but was caught at the Ikot Ekpene round about plaza, so painful that before anyone could raise a finger on him the police arrived the scene and took him away.
He was asked by one of the police men why he killed the woman and he said “that all mad people are dustbin and wants to dispose them all” and where he perpetrated this evil act was exactly at the spot where the street lights were no longer functioning.
The sight of the whole thing changed my total mood, I can’t even take my fruits any more.
Many unanswered questions running through my mind.
Who could this guy be?
Is he really insane?
Is he having spiritual problem.?
What is Nigeria becoming?
Why can’t there be a provision for all these mentally ill people roaming the streets.?
What happened to the street lights?( Our youth are part of this particular problem, why do you drive joy stealing a solar panel from the street light that is meant to shine at night for our own benefit.)
Why do we end up creating more crimes in a bid to end crimes?
What is the brain meant for, don’t we think?
The lists are endless
But one thing is for sure; there must be solution to all these challenges, when we (Nigerians)must have learnt and fully understand the ” message for this mess-age”
May her soul rest in peace.

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Nigerian Couple Gets Married In Living Room Amidst COVID-19 Scare



A couple has decided that the rampaging deadly disease, coronavirus, is too small to stop them from being joined together as husband and wife.

The unnamed couple whose wedding photo has gone viral on social media decided not to change their wedding date like many others in the same situation as they have done by postponing their wedding till after the COVID-19 scare.

The couple according to Tony Matinjah who shared their wedding photo on Facebook had gone ahead to get married in their house with few friends attending the wedding ceremony.

The couple got married in their living room with only 10 guests in attendance.

The couple did not only got married but also spent less on refreshments, venue decoration, other entertainments associated with a Nigerian wedding.

The wedding was a simple ceremony due to the order given by the state government to observe total lockdown which started on Friday, April 3, by 11pm in order to prevent the public from the world trending pandemic coronavirus.

The wedding was said to be a lovely event, at least free from public disturbance.

See the post below:

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Woman Stabs Her Husband To Death And Then Rips Out Her Own Intestines After Quarrel Over Food



A 36-year-old man, Bryan Indimuli has been confirmed dead after being stabbed by his 25-year-old wife, Joy Indeche at their residence in Ikoli Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County of Kenya.

Father of the deceased, John Indimuli said the incident occurred after his son complained that Indeche tripped over a chair and the ugali (maize porridge eaten in east and central Africa) she was carrying fell on the floor.

He said;

“My son suspected his wife had taken alcohol, hence her wobbly feet, which led to her tripping over and resulting in the fall of the ugali”

Following her husband’s attempt to cane her, Indeche picked a kitchen knife and drove it into his abdomen repeatedly. The lady stabbed her husband multiple times before turning the kitchen knife on herself. She is currently fighting for her life at Kakamega County Referral Hospital, where she was rushed to by their neighbours.

Ikoli Assistant Chief Walter Moses Namutali said;

“Her intestines were ripped out.”

John Indimuli admitted that his son’s marriage was filled with unending conflicts. He told K24TV;

“One year ago, the two had gone separate ways before reuniting. My son had married Indeche when she had a daughter from a previous relationship. The two would, thereafter, got a son together.”

Mzee Indimuli, a police officer in Busia County revealed that they buried the deceased on Saturday night, in compliance with the county government’s directive on burials during this period of COVID-19 crisis.

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Nigerian Photographer Confirms That He Tested Positive For COVID-19 After Attending AMVCA



Seun O, the Nigerian photographer who underwent a Coronavirus test after attending the 7th edition of the AMVCA weeks ago, has confirmed that he tested positive for Coronavirus in new Instagram posts he shared.

Recall that a few weeks ago, a documentary producer warned of a suspected case of coronavirus who might have attended the AMVCA and interacted with a number of Nigerian celebrities.

According to Ifeoma Chukwuogo, the man flew in from the UK and with symptoms of coronavirus but had refused to report himself to the NCDC for testing.

Seun O who confirmed that he has been feeling unwell after Ifeoma’s post, shared a video of him undergoing a Coronavirus test but never confirmed his status at that time.

In a new Instagram post he shared, the photographer revealed that he is receiving treatment for Coronavirus at Yaba Isolation Center.

He wrote;

A message from the Lagos Covid-19 Gang (Coranavirus patients currently in Ward B) at the Infectious Disease Hospital (Coronavirus Isolation Center) Yaba, Lagos. We are doing great and are in high spirit. Shout out to all the healthcare professionals, cleaners, porters, security and all the staff at the Yaba Infectious Disease Hospital. We celebrate you all!

In an another Instagram he shared, Seun disclosed that an executive director at a multinational company, pilots, former commissioner and a driver are all Coronavirus patients at the isolation center.

He wrote;

Inside The Lagos Isolation Center

My first 24 hours at the Isolation Center in Yaba, Lagos. I will try as much as possible to keep you updated with daily developments while I’m here. There has been great camaraderie amongst us in my ward. We are an assortment of characters from different walks of life. From an executive director at a multinational company, pilots, former commissioner to a driver. The age margin is wide and varies from teenager to early 60’s yet we cohabit seamlessly in one accord. The doctors, nurses and all hospital staff are the real MVPs, they have been glorious.

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