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Imo: Uzodinma, APC Beg Supreme Court To Reject Ihedioha’s Request For Judgment Review



Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma and his party, the All Progressive Progressive Congress (APC) have asked the Supreme Court to disregard the request by the sacked candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Emeka Ihedioha for a review of its January 14, 2020 judgment.

The Supreme Court had, in judgement sacked Ihedioha and ordered that Uzodinma takes his place, a decision the former has applied to the apex court for a review, alleging that it was obtained by fraud.

In their joint response, on Sunday, Uzodinma and the APC are of the view that the request by Ihedioha and the PDP amounts to a mere academic exercise and an affront to the nation’s Constitution.

Uzodinma and the APC argued, in their a 19-paragraph counter-affidavit, deposed to by Mathew Joseph Mola, that it was late in the day for Ihedioha and his party to request the court to revisit their case at the expiration of the 60 days allowed by the Constitution for the Supreme Court to hear and determine post-election cases.

They contended that it was not part of the functions of the Supreme Court to sit on appeal over its own judgment as being demanded by Ihedioha and his party.

The respondents argued that since January 14 when the Supreme Court gave its decision, the court has since ceased to possess the requisite jurisdiction adjudicate on the case relating to the declaration of Uzodinma as the winner of the March 9, 2019, governorship election in Imo State.

Uzodinma and the APC also argued that the Supreme Court’s rule prevents it from reviewing its own judgment once delivered, except to correct clerical mistakes or accidental slips.

They added that as the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court jealously guides its process against abuse by litigants and does not indulge in academic exercise or provides answers to hypothetical questions

Uzodinma and the APC asserted that contrary to the claim by Ihedioha in his application, the scores of all the candidates in the election, as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), were clearly set out.

They added that a petitioners (Uzodinma and his party) whose votes were excluded from the declared results were entitled to compute the votes excluded in the presentation of his case.

The respondents denied the allegation by Ihedioha and the PDP, to the effect that Uzodinma admitted that he allocated votes to himself or that the votes in the 388 polling units were in excess of the registered voters.

They added that its was a matter of fact that the issue of total number of votes cast exceeding the total number of accredited voters did not arise from the petition or the appeal considered and determined by the Supreme Court.

The respondents added that the issue of the votes of 68 other candidates not been reflected was never raised by Ihedioha in the appeal that led to the judgment now been challenged.

They described the allegations by Ihedioha as wild and baseless and argued that Uzodinma and APC did not mislead the Supreme Court to perpetuate any fraud in the appeal that brought them to power.

Uzodinma and APC in their joint preliminary objection prayed the Supreme Court to strike out the request for being baseless and unwarranted.

In the preliminary objection filed by their lawyer, Demian Dodo (SAN), the respondents, argued that Ihedioha’s that application constituted a gross abuse of court process, exercise in futility and an attempt to force the apex court to sit on appeal in its own judgment.

They also argued that by the provision of Section 285 of the Constitution the Supreme Court can no longer adjudicate on the case, since it has become statute barred.

The Supreme Court has, by the notices sent to parties, scheduled hearing in the case for Tuesday, February 18, 2020.


8 Weeks Old Baby Recovers From COVID-19 In Nigeria



Great news as a Nigerian mother and her eight weeks old baby have defeated the dreaded coronavirus after making full recovery from the virus that has killed millions of people around the world.

Recall that a fortnight ago, Lagos State Government announced that they had confirmed four cases of the Coronavirus. Out of these four confirmed cases, were a mother and her six weeks old baby that came back from the United States on Friday, 13th of March, 2020 via Virgin Atlantic airlines.

The news was one that caught the attention of Nigerian as they were very particular about the little baby that was infected with the Coronavirus. Immediately after they were confirmed positive, they got admitted into the Infectious Disease Hospital at Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

After about two weeks of treatment, the baby and the mother have now recovered and have since been discharged from the hospital. Of course, this is remarkable and amazing.

In other news, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on its official Twitter page has revealed that the Nigeria’s death toll has increased to four as two new deaths resulting from Coronavirus have been recorded in Nigeria – one in Lagos and the other in Edo state.

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Father Reveals His Entire Family Including 11 Children Have Caught COVID-19



An entire Spanish family including eleven children have contracted the Coronavirus.

The Cebrian Gervas family from Valladolid in north-west Spain have all been forced to go under strict isolation in their home after every single one of them was diagnosed with the virus.

Mother, Irene Gervas was the first family to test positive for COVID-19, before her husband, Jose Maria Cebrian and their eleven children, Carmen (15), Fernando (14), Luiz (12), Juan Pablo (11), twins Miguel and Manuel (10), Alvaro (8), Irene (5), Alicia (4), Helena (3), and Jose Maria (1) were all diagnosed with the disease.

Father Jose Maria Cebrian told local media: ‘The children fell one by one. Some of them got over it better and some of them a bit worse. As the virus takes five or six days to show up when you feel bad you start to recall and then you think ‘ok!”

‘In our case, they (the children) are sick one day, they have a headache, they vomit and after vomiting, they feel better. The day after they don’t even remember.’

Since testing positive on March 14, the family is under a strict lockdown as they could infect others due to the high number of family members under the same roof.

Cebrian added: ‘The doctor told us that we will have to stay at least two more weeks on an absolute lockdown because of the viral load that we have. If we go out and take it out we could start a source in Valladolid.

According to him, their son is only allowed to go out to the pharmacy so long as he wears a face mask and gloves.

Cebrian also said: ‘He is the only one who goes out a bit. I take out the rubbish and he is the messenger. When we get our groceries delivered they leave it in the garage and my son goes down to pick it up.

The children are reportedly being home schooled using laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Jose Maria said: ‘It is important they do not have the feeling that this is chaos, so they have classes from Monday to Friday.’

The country has recorded more than 117,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 11,000 deaths.

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‘COVID-19 Corpses’ Can’t Be Claimed For Burial — Lai Mohammed



lai mohammed

The Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, says corpses of persons who tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) cannot be claimed for burial.

He said such corpses would be handled by the ministry of health because they are contagious.

He said this while speaking at a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum in Abuja to give an update on the activities of the presidential task force on COVID-19.

According to NAN, the minister commended Nigerians for complying with the federal government’s stay-at-home directive, adding that it would boost the efforts of stakeholders in the fight to curb the spread of coronavirus.

“Coronavirus is very dangerous and contagious; there is no medicine for it yet and it is not just capable of killing, overwhelming healthcare system, it will destroy the economy. In some countries, they are putting dead bodies in big refrigerators, because the morgues have filled up. Nigerians should not forget that these are not the type of corpses that can be claimed for burial because it must be handled by the ministry of health,” he said.

He called for the cooperation of citizens and asked them to “stay safe, obey simple instructions of basic hygiene and social distancing,” adding that “in a few weeks, we will resume our normal life”.

So far, Nigeria has 190 cases of COVID-19. Of that figure, 20 persons have recovered and have been discharged from hospital.

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