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Woman Loses 39-Year-Old Marriage For Denying Husband Sex



A mother of four, Mrs Janet Ayoola, lost her 39-year-old marriage to her husband, Olajide Ayoola, for denying him sex for seven years.

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Monday granted the request of Janet’s estranged husband, Olajide, for dissolution of the marriage.

The Court’s President, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, said that since the petitioner insisted on divorce after several interventions, the court was left with no option than to grant him his wish.

“The court hereby pronounces the marriage between Mr Olajide Ayoola and Mrs Janet Ayoola dissolved today. Both of you henceforth cease to be husband and wife.

“Two of you should go on your separate ways unmolested. The court wishes both of you well in your future endeavour,” Koledoye ruled.

He, however, ordered Olajide to pay a severance of N200, 000 to Janet for her to move on with her life.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 70-year-old pensioner had earlier approached the court to terminate his marriage, accusing his wife of starving him of sex.

“Janet who stayed under the same roof with me refused me to make love to her for good seven years. She will not even allow me to touch her, let alone sleep with her,” the petitioner told the court.

Ayoola said that his wife wanted to terminate his life so as to inherit his property.

“She had attacked me both physically and spiritually,” he said.

The embittered husband said that Janet lacked care for him.

“My wife had to employ some domestic staff who came to wash my clothes and cooked for me.

“Janet was an ungrateful woman. I had established businesses for her severally but the businesses collapsed due to her inability to manage them well.

“ My wife is a fighter; she fights me and everybody on the street,” Ayoola said.

The petitioner said that the respondent lacked respect for him and also instigated their children against him.

He pleaded with the court to end their marriage on the ground of lack of love.

“Please court terminate our marriage because my wife may succeed one day by killing me in my sleep,” he begged.

The respondent denied all the allegations.

She made a fervent plea to the court not to annul their marriage, saying that she still loved her husband.

The 58-year-old businesswoman said that she did not starve her husband of sex.

“My husband asked me to leave our room for another room, claiming I snored.

“I never made any attempt to kill my husband nor instigated any of our children against him,” Janet said.

The mother of four said that her husband always refused her food for reason best known to him.


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Man Buried In A Mercedes Benz According To His Last Wish [PHOTOS]



Many were shocked after a South African man was buried in is favourite Mercedes Benz, and his family says this was done according to his last wish.

The man identified as Tshekedi Pitso shocked his family when he told them he wanted to be buried inside his favourite 1980s E500 Mercedes Benz.

Pitso’s niece Sefora (Pitso), 49, said at first the family was shocked at the news, but he always spoke about how he would love his funeral to be.

The village of Jozanashoek in Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape, where Pitso was a chief and also a member of United Democratic Movement (UDM), came to a standstill on Saturday as their chief was buried in Mercedes Benz.

“My uncle made it clear that he wanted to be buried inside his car. He was a lover of Mercedes Benz and as a family we had to grant him his wish,” she said.

Villagers watched in awe as Pitso in his car, was towed to his grave in the family grave yard.

Pitso was dressed in a cream white suit and seated behind the steering wheel with both his hands placed on the steering wheel.

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Angry Men Throw Away Trader’s Bowl Of Garri In Onitsha For Selling At A Ridiculous Price



Some men in Onitsha allegedly went into town today to condemn traders who increased prices of food items.

A female garri seller was however dealt with as a big bowl of her garri was thrown away by the said men who were angry that she increased the price of her goods from N500 to N1500.

Facebook user, Jestymoore Nnokwa who shared the story wrote;

“Today In onitsha, igbo boys went into town to see those wicked and cruel market women selling food items at exorbitant prices, unfortunately for this Garri seller, she was selling Garri of N500 for N1500 and the boys threw everything away on the ground. They were upset with what they saw in the market today in onitsha market
But do you support the action of the boys?
Let’s have your say on this.”

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COVID-19: Witches Association Warns Members To Suspend All Meetings



The Witches Association in Ghana has asked its members to suspend all meetings amidst the global battle against coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19.

According to a report by Wildout Ghana, the head of the Association who was unnamed warned all members to suspend all meetings and stay at home.

Quoting the leader of the association, Wildout Ghana’s reporter, Kofi Yehowah, said the impact of the coronavirus is slowing down the activities of the witches

“We can’t touch people anymore. Even when our members meet, we can’t greet any longer so we have to suspend meetings till everything is okay,” the witches said.

Meanwhile, ORIENTAL TIMES understands that Ghana currenly has a total number of 152 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

However, latest reports from the country say that 31 patients have recovered so far from the deadly disease.

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