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My Husband’s Stomach Is Too Big Because Of Beer, His P£nis No Longer Enters Me — Lady Cries Out



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A Nigerian woman has lamented how big her husband’s stomach is in size as a result of too much intake of beer which has also caused a significant reduction in the size of his genitals making it impossible for him to completely penetrate her whenever they’re making out.

The distraught lady who wrote to popular online love doctor, Joro Olumofin and asked to be kept anonymous narrated how frustrated and sad she is.

According to her, she has tried several times to hide the beers and even suggest that he eats healthy and also hit the gym, but all her suggestions fell on deaf ears.

Below is what she wrote:

“Joro, My Husband is only 35 years old but his stomach is too Big , it’s so bad and annoying.

“The Issue is beer and food, He Loves beers too much and he eats 4 times a Day.

“If i say he should eat salad or diet or gym he will get angry.

“We can’t do missionary style again, only doggy. At my young age, 28, why can’t i see my husband’s face during $ex?, Doggy Doggy, I Like Doggy but i want to kiss my husband and look at his face during $ex and look into his eyes.

“He will drop his stomach on my back like a bag and enter me from behind.

“What do i do?

“If i hide the beer in the House, he will be so angry.

“His father even died at 65 because of health issues.

“His stomach is like bouncing balls in there.

“If he tries missionary style, his p£nis won’t be able to enter. I am worried. God. I am.”

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Ecstatic & Proud Nigerian Lady Narrates Story Of How She Disvirgined Her Gay Husband



An ecstatic Nigerian lady has narrated how she “disvirged” her husband who is gay.

The lady who wrote to popular online love doctor, Joro Olumofin and begged to be kept anonymous disclosed that her husband sometime in 2019 confided in her that he was gay but has not being “anally disvirgined”.

According to her, she empathized with him for having the courage to open up to her.

Revealing further details, the lady said she purchased a dildo and made love to her husband through his an*s until he came.

She stated that she is happy she did it, adding that if she had not done it, someone might and in the process invade the sanctity of their home.

The lady advised married women to support their husbands’ needs in marriage.

Read her message below;

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My First Child Is Not For My Husband, I’m Scared I’ll Lose My Marriage If I Tell Him — Lady



A distraught Nigerian lady has disclosed that her first child belongs to another man other than her husband.

In her quest to get the pains off her chest and to get people’s opinions, the lady who wrote anonymously confessed that she had an affair in the early stages of her marriage which resulted into pregnancy.

The lady said she confirmed the child whose gender she did not reveal albeit on purpose belonged to the man she had an affair with after reports from a test she ran was made available to her.

According to her, she’s very scared and have the feel her husband might soon find out. So, she’s asking if she should tell her husband. She is afraid and doesn’t know if he will forgive her. She stated that she loves her husband and also wants to keep her marriage.

Read her story below;

“I am not here to be judged. i need a help please. I am uneasy. my first child is not for my husband. I had an affair early stages of my marriage. I regret it so much. I did the test some years ago and reports shown this child is not for my husband.

“I love this child with all my heart non the less. I and the father of my first child are still close, we don’t have sex or anything. He is married. I take this my child to see his/her biological father often. My child knows him for now as uncle.

“My issue is this. I love my husband and he has been the best man to me. I get scared my husband may find out if our child falls very sick one day. I hate my husband taking this my child to the hospital for any reason. i get scared. even if it’s for cough.

“Should i tell him directly? will he forgive? Because the biological father of the child wants to be a part of the child life at some point.

“I want to keep my marriage and i love my children to grow up under one roof.

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Most Female Celebrities Divorce Because They’re Not Submissive — Marriage Counselor



Renowned Ghanaian counselor, Dr. Charlotte Oduro has stated that most female celebrities are divorced because they refused to be submissive to their husbands.

In her view, every wife need to be submissive no matter the circumstances, but these celebrities can’t do the same that is why they walk in and out of marriages.

In a submission, she stated that;

“Some of the stars here, they go to the gym, they are beautiful, do they have husbands? They marry today, they walking out because they don’t have patience, they can’t wait. He cheated on me, when I saw the calls, I saw the messages he’s sleeping with somebody.”

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