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Nigerian Man Apologizes To A Lady For Fondling Her Breast Without Her Consent



A Nigerian man has apologised to a lady who called him out on Facebook for fondling her breast without her consent many years ago.

The lady identified as Iphie Alfred demanded an apology from Justice Chimaoke Nzeabuike for the ”atrocity” he committed against her a few years ago.

”Justice Chimaoke Nzeabuike you have 48hrs to tender a public apology to me here on facebook for the atrocity you committed against me few years ago.

I have not been in communication with you since until today. Your 48hrs started 2:52pm Nigerian time.” she wrote on her timeline.

Following her post, Justice took to the comment section to apologize and also state his own side of the story. He revealed that the incident happened over five years ago when he was serving.

He went on to reveal that Ify came to visit his roommate, Tony but they had issues and she decided to leave without having transport fair.

He claimed he offered her money but asked for intimacy in return which she agreed to. He said he regretted his action and apologized to Ify months later.

Iphie saw his comment and expressed shock at his claim. According to her, she and Tony never had issues. She claimed that it was while she was asleep at night that Justice began to fondle her boobs.

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Nigerian Man Suffers Penile Fracture While Engaging In Rigorous Sex With His Partner



Nigerian medical personnel, @OlumideAdeuyi has revealed how a man suffered a penile fracture while engaging in rigorous sex with his partner in a hotel.

The Doctor, who shared graphic photos of the fractured penis online, said the man was ”pounding vigorously” when he hit the ”Mons Pubis”, a part of the female vaginal anatomy, resulting in his penis fracturing.

“It happened around 5am Sunday AM in a nearby hotel. D guy ws pounding away vigorously. In a bid 2 give d hardest and strongest thrust from a little distance outside the box, he crashed his penis on the mons pubis. The next thing he heard was a sound kam , the penis was bent”

Popular Nigerian medical doctor and social media influencer, @DrOlufunmilayo took time to explain how penile fracture can happen to a man and the aftereffect of such an accident.

He wrote;

“A young man just had penis fracture. It is rare but it can happen. Penis contains no bones but when fully erect it can break suddenly. Rough sex and aggressive riding can cause it. “Harder harder” “Let me write coconut with my hips” Solape the stallion, please come down o.

While we are all laughing, This is really a serious emergency. The guy will actually hear kpauuuu like a fanbelt cuts suddenly. And what happens is similar. The expanded tissues under the erect penis skin suddenly tears due to the rough sex. Very painful. Like breaking a bone.

And as I said it is an emergency Surgery has to be done immediately. If nothing is done: That penis can be permanently deformed, the man may never get an erection again or struggle to get it, he may never be able to have sex and to urinate can become a problem.

And in case you have never seen what it looks like before, here are some images: (The broken penis becomes bent, deformed, swollen and engorged with blood from internal bleeding into the penis) It’s not a great sight at all. So please, dear entanglement crew, Let’s be careful.”

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Woman Narrates How Her Father Forgave Her Mother After Finding Out She Wasn’t His Biological Child



A woman has shared a touching story of how her father treated his wife and kids while he was alive, and the family secret she uncovered after his death.

She shared her story and photos of her parents with Humans of New York.

Narrating the story, she disclosed how her father treated her mother like “gold” all through their 67 years of marriage, and how he treated his kids with so much love and respect.

According to her, he loved her so much despite her mistakes.

However, after her dad died at 96, her son (his grandson) went for a DNA test and discovered he is part Italian.

She began an impromptu investigation and discovered that the man she thought was her biological father wasn’t.

Her mother had an affair with her boss and she was conceived. But her father forgave her mother, loved her like his own even though he wasn’t her biological father, and took the secret of his wife’s infidelity to his grave.

Sharing her story, she said:

“I think to understand how it happened—you have to know that he adored my mother. They were married for 67 years. He treated her like gold. He always opened doors for her. He did the vacuuming. The grocery shopping. He’d cook us dinner every Saturday.

“He’d come home from work at 5:30, and anything my sister and I wanted to do—he’d do it: play baseball, go to the lake, anything. I never heard him complain. He never once got mad at me. I wasn’t the best driver, and a couple times I crashed our car into a snowbank. But it was always: ‘Are you OK?’ Not once did he say: ‘What’s the matter with you?’ That’s how he was. He was the gentlest man.

“My relationship with my mother could be challenging, and Dad knew that. So he tried to make up for it. He was the one who was always there. He was the one that I could go to for anything. He lived to be 96, and not once in my life did I question that he was my father.

“The truth only came out after his death, when my son decided to get a DNA test. He discovered that he was one-third Italian, which didn’t make any sense. Because nobody in our family was Italian. He did some research and narrowed it down to four brothers. Their last name was Lombardi.

“That’s when we called my cousin Denise. Her mother had been my mom’s best friend. I asked her point blank: ‘Do you know anything about my biological father?’ There was a long silence. Then I asked her if she’d ever heard the name ‘Lombardi.’

There was another silence, and she said: ‘Mr. Lombardi was your mother’s boss at the jewelry store.’ She went on to tell me that my father had always known. And that he’d decided to forgive my mother. And to raise me as his daughter. And to take the secret to his grave, because he didn’t want to hurt me.

“I cried when I found out. But that only lasted a minute. Because it didn’t change anything. It didn’t change my amazing childhood. It didn’t change my relationship with my father. Denise told me that she had been there when my parents came home from the hospital.

She watched my father carry me in the house. And she said she’ll never forget the look on his face. She’d never seen him so happy in his entire life.”

Checkout photos of herself, her mom, dad and siblings below;

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Woman Marries Her 20-Year-Old Stepson After Divorcing His Father [Photos/Video]



A 35-year old Russian Influencer, Marina Balmasheva has tied the knot with her 20-year-old stepson who she raised from the age of 7.

Marina Balmasheva from the western Russian region of Krasnodar Krai, lived with her husband Alexey, 45, from 2007 for over 10 years before they got divorced.

Marina also revealed that they are expecting a baby after she divorced his father and got married to him.

Last weekend, she tied the knot with her ex-husband’s son Vladimir Shavyrin who she took care of since he was 7 years old.

Mother and child are now expecting their first child, a baby boy.

Watch the video below;

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