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‘Nnamdi Kanu Is Most Likely To Restore Biafra This 2020’



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

“Biafra is going to come this year 2020, it’s an assurance so that you will know that Elohim sent me”

He thundered on his radio Biafra platform; I only imagined it because I have lost interest in listening to the Jubril fairy tales by moonlight. I knew that Nnamdi Kanu would eventually get tired of his Buhari’s death mantra and embrace the business we all came for. Jubril is Buhari has occupied his radio Biafra platform for more than three years now; I must commend his consistency, he wasted a lot of time on peripheral matters or joke.

I could not be happier than I was the day I heard the assurance; I would have given the vow a second thought had he not tagged it with Elohim. I love the challenge he gave to himself; it had become clear he had something to prove. This year is the year we know if Elohim sent him or not, hopefully, he would retire in shame or be worshipped like Jesus if Biafra is restored this year.

Every sane Biafran must support Nnamdi Kanu this very year to restore Biafra; he is coming with a massive plan, if he had no plan, he would not have made it a vow and cast his divine call upon it. if Biafra is not restored this year; then it is a proof of the fact that God did not send Nnamdi Kanu, with that enormous claim, do you think he would fail or his God would fail him? You have to think twice before considering him to be a ‘weed smoker’ by virtue of the vow, Nnamdi Kanu is certain of restoring Biafra this year. All hail Biafra, our savior and supreme leader is worthy of my praise.

One must wait until the year elapses before seeing Nnamdi Kanu as a scam or a man possessed by evil spirit, who talks out of sense and in quarrel with reality. You have to wait until 2021 before underling Nnamdi Kanu as a man with psychopathic problem. You must wait until 2021 before holding him to account for the millions you gave him, but as for now, you should empty your bank accounts for him because Biafra is coming this year.

MASSOB, LNC, BIM-MASSOB, MOBIN, BNC, ZIONIST and all the major groups fighting for the restoration of Biafra must understand the simple logic in leaving everything for Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB. Should Nnamdi Kanu ask anything of these groups, they should kindly give him because the goal of everybody is Biafra and when IPOB vows Biafra will be restored by them this year, I urge compliance with Nnamdi Kanu over any help he might ask.

The journey has been made easier for us; our sorrows have come to an end, morning has come and tears are no more. Intimidation will be no more before 2021 because Nnamdi Kanu would restore Biafra; God has answered our prayers, indeed, Nnamdi Kanu is another savior. He will save the people of Biafra this year, he would end our slavery in Nigeria, he would give our generation a hope of existence in a free state. God has remembered us; IPOB will heal the wounds of 1967 and restore the dignity of the people of Biafra in this very 2020.

Most people said Nnamdi Kanu has penchant for scam; that he trade on false hope, he never said a thing and did it but this 2020, he shall prove our doubters wrong. My mission is to see Biafra restored and when a man has fashioned a plan and vow he would cross the line this year, needless to worry, needless to continue, he needs my support and all my support I today offer with every bit of the strength left in me.

Biafra is all I need; everything I live for is Biafra, the vengeance I ever sought after is Biafra, the life I ever wished to live is Biafra, everything I have found in my life is Biafra and here comes a man that vowed he would restore Biafra in 2020, what can I not offer?

Nnamdi Kanu must not disappoint me; IPOB should not fail this 2020 vow, let this not be like Nigerian politicians promising to make One Naira equal to One Dollar. Let this not be APC strategy that ousted PDP. Let it not be another African style of promoting embezzlement, let it not be a promise a man made to a wayward mistress on his edge. Let this very year be the year we sing songs of praise to Nnamdi Kanu. The savior and supreme leader of the nation of Biafra; please, do not fail this time because we have hope in you.

~ Chijioke, a freelance/investigative Journalist writes from Enugu.