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Woman Narrates How Her Father Forgave Her Mother After Finding Out She Wasn’t His Biological Child



A woman has shared a touching story of how her father treated his wife and kids while he was alive, and the family secret she uncovered after his death.

She shared her story and photos of her parents with Humans of New York.

Narrating the story, she disclosed how her father treated her mother like “gold” all through their 67 years of marriage, and how he treated his kids with so much love and respect.

According to her, he loved her so much despite her mistakes.

However, after her dad died at 96, her son (his grandson) went for a DNA test and discovered he is part Italian.

She began an impromptu investigation and discovered that the man she thought was her biological father wasn’t.

Her mother had an affair with her boss and she was conceived. But her father forgave her mother, loved her like his own even though he wasn’t her biological father, and took the secret of his wife’s infidelity to his grave.

Sharing her story, she said:

“I think to understand how it happened—you have to know that he adored my mother. They were married for 67 years. He treated her like gold. He always opened doors for her. He did the vacuuming. The grocery shopping. He’d cook us dinner every Saturday.

“He’d come home from work at 5:30, and anything my sister and I wanted to do—he’d do it: play baseball, go to the lake, anything. I never heard him complain. He never once got mad at me. I wasn’t the best driver, and a couple times I crashed our car into a snowbank. But it was always: ‘Are you OK?’ Not once did he say: ‘What’s the matter with you?’ That’s how he was. He was the gentlest man.

“My relationship with my mother could be challenging, and Dad knew that. So he tried to make up for it. He was the one who was always there. He was the one that I could go to for anything. He lived to be 96, and not once in my life did I question that he was my father.

“The truth only came out after his death, when my son decided to get a DNA test. He discovered that he was one-third Italian, which didn’t make any sense. Because nobody in our family was Italian. He did some research and narrowed it down to four brothers. Their last name was Lombardi.

“That’s when we called my cousin Denise. Her mother had been my mom’s best friend. I asked her point blank: ‘Do you know anything about my biological father?’ There was a long silence. Then I asked her if she’d ever heard the name ‘Lombardi.’

There was another silence, and she said: ‘Mr. Lombardi was your mother’s boss at the jewelry store.’ She went on to tell me that my father had always known. And that he’d decided to forgive my mother. And to raise me as his daughter. And to take the secret to his grave, because he didn’t want to hurt me.

“I cried when I found out. But that only lasted a minute. Because it didn’t change anything. It didn’t change my amazing childhood. It didn’t change my relationship with my father. Denise told me that she had been there when my parents came home from the hospital.

She watched my father carry me in the house. And she said she’ll never forget the look on his face. She’d never seen him so happy in his entire life.”

Checkout photos of herself, her mom, dad and siblings below;

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Lady Angrily Walks Out On Lover For Refusing To Kneel Down While Proposing [Video]



A video making the rounds on social media has shown the moment a lady rejected her boyfriend’s public proposal.

In the video, her boyfriend could be seen standing on his feet as he begged her to close her eyes tightly while stretching out the engagement ring towards her.

As she opened her eyes, she saw him standing on his feet to propose and she got offended that he didn’t go on his knees to propose to her.

Her boyfriend on the other hand insisted that kneeling down doesn’t prove anything. He turned down all her efforts to make him kneel down and she walked out immediately.

Watch the video below;


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Woman Murders Friend After Catching Her In Bed With Fiancé



A mum, Amy Brown who was celebrating her 36th birthday with her fiancé Brandon Fayard, has killed her friend Amanda Hill, 35 after walked in on both of them in bed together.

According to a report by the Mirror Online published Sunday, 2nd August, Amy, and her friends were celebrating her birthday in Prosser, Washington State back on February 9, 2018, when her fiance, Brandon told her he was going to bed, and then not long after, her friend Amanda went in to use the bathroom.

After 20 minutes passed Amy Brown (pictured below) went in to see why her friend had taken too long only to find her fiance and friend in bed.

Before the unfaithful day, Brown and Brandon ran a business together and also took care of her two boys from a previous relationship and three sons from Brandon.

Meanwhile Brown had met her friend Amanda years earlier. Amanda who was also a mum quickly bonded with Amy Brown and they soon became good friends.

According to the Mirror Online, after Brown caught her fiance and friend in bed together, an argument ensued which made Brown storm off to smoke and drink outside the house.

As Brown was smoking downstairs, her friend, Amanda went to meet her. Not long afterward, at around 12.45 am, two loud gunshots could be heard. A horrified Brandon ran outside and found Brown cradling a bleeding Amanda in her arms.

Amanda had been shot twice in the torso. Brandon called 911 but after frantic work by the emergency services, Amanda was declared dead.

During police investigations, Brown admitted that she’d shot and killed her friend but claimed it had been for self-defence because Amanda had attacked her.

Brown described how she had found her friend and fiancé in bed together and that after yelling and swearing at them, she’d gone outside for a smoke and more drink.

Brown then said as she was smoking, Amanda attacked her from behind.

‘She knocked me on my face, and I turned around and she was trying to, like, choke me,’ Brown was recorded saying.

She described Amanda having her hands on her face and neck. ‘I felt like she was trying to choke me,’ she continued.

According to Brown, she’d managed to break free and scramble over to her parked Cadillac Escalade car where she grabbed a 38-calibre revolver that was stashed in the door.

‘I grabbed it and I pulled it out and I was like, “Get off me,” and she wouldn’t get off of me so I fired,’ Brown admitted.

‘I fired two shots and when I fired two shots, she [shouted], “Amy, what the f***? Are you crazy?’’’ Then she noticed Amanda bleeding heavily.

Brown insisted that when she realized what she’d done, she’d immediately put pressure on the wound and screamed for Brandon to call 911.

‘And I kept the pressure on until police pulled me off of her,’ Brown said.

Brown insisted that she had fired in self-defence but when asked whether she thought Amanda was going to harm her, or whether she felt like her life was in danger, she admitted she didn’t feel like it was.

Upon her revelations police asked her why did she deliberately get a gun, if she didn’t feel as though Amanda was a threat to her.

Amanda’s devastated family were left with a sad feeling that she had been killed and at the hands of a woman who was supposed to be her friend.

At the trial this year, prosecutors charged her with murder saying that Brown had flown into a jealous rage when she found her fiancé and friend in bed together and had shot Amanda twice in the torso in an act of anger.

They accused Brown of Murder because she admitted she didn’t feel like her life was in danger when she reached for a gun and shot her friend twice.

Amanda meanwhile continued to reiterate that she had retaliated in self-defence.

In the end, the jury deliberated for less than three hours and in March 2020 Brown, now 38, was found guilty of second-degree murder.
In June, she faced her sentencing.

According to her lawyers, Brown’s act that night hadn’t been planned and until then, she had been a law-abiding citizen.

The judge has sentenced Brown to 15 years in prison.

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Lady Finds Out Man She Has Been Dating For One Year Is Her Cousin [Video]



A young lady simply known as Dipsi has revealed that she was in a relationship with her cousin for over a year without realizing it.

In May, 2020, she excitedly announced their relationship to the world and shared their love journey as they celebrated one year anniversary.

“It’s our 1 year anniversary.. I’ve always wanted to make one of these videos Face with tears of joy. “I’ll post a longer video and a heart felt message later today. But here’s a glimpse of what this past year has been like Heart suit. @lukexsad_” she wrote while sharing a loved up video of her and the boo-cousin named Luke.

However, not long after sharing the PDA moment, Dipsi on August 1 opened up about discovering that her boyfriend is her cousin.

She told people who often said that they looked alike that they were right afterall.

She wrote; “Never mind, we just found out we are cousins Upside-down face. To all the “ you guys look alike” comments, you were right.”

See below:

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