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OpEd: `Nnamdi Kanu Not A Scammer, Will Certainly Restore Biafra This Yearʼ



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

Self challenge can bring about the best form of accomplishment. When Nnamdi Kanu woke up a freeman and in absence of influence after self appraisal and announced he would restore Biafra in 2020, he has a massive plan and mean business. What triggered Kanu’s position was confidence and renewed confidence is like lubricating a car to accelerate its speed or healthy delivery; his vow to restore Biafra this very year is devoid of pressure, it was a vow freely made.

When a man starts losing relevance; he starts speaking out of desperation to regain relevance, but it’s an open secret that Nnamdi Kanu’s members are adamant their supreme leader still has his fleet of relevance. Therefore; it is presumed that Nnamdi Kanu is not that man that speaks out of desperation to hold together his falling empire.

When a scammer wants to scam his victims for the last time; he often makes a vow that he would deliver the purpose of the money his victims have been sending to him. I have been a victim; where I fell into the net of a scammer, I gave him a thousand, he gave me an excuse, I gave him thousands, he gave a pretext, and at a point, he said I should finally give him millions, that once I pay him millions, he would give me the keys to my heart desires. I gave everything I had but the keys were not given and I did not see the man again.

Although; members of IPOB have made it clear that Nnamdi Kanu is not a scammer and he does what he says. I have no option but to believe; I will pay my monthly dues, I will offer my support, I will do everything I can because Nnamdi Kanu is not a scammer and as such, would not give me excuse this year. Biafra is certainly going to be restored this year but if Nnamdi Kanu fails, I pray he fails not, because a scammer will be better than our holy supreme leader.

I doubt that Nnamdi Kanu would fail to restore Biafra this year; because I was exclusively told that his Israel is preparing this year. CIA is already waiting for his order to act. USA is waiting for him to tell them he is ready and after considering his cons and pros, he decided to make Biafra a sovereign state this very year. Nnamdi Kanu is determined and we must not take his determination for granted; Biafra will eventually come this year because Elohim sent him.

Failing to restore Biafra this year will come with consequences; needless to questioning what triggered such declaration by Nnamdi Kanu, I believe he is a man that knows his right from his left. He canceled his radio Biafra broadcast for a national assignment, which points to the direction of preparation, should Biafra fail to be a sovereign state this year, the impact will be negatively maximum.

This year will define Nnamdi Kanu and could be the final nail on his coffin of irrelevance if he fails to restore Biafra as vowed. The people will stop taking him serious because this is a different time in this struggle. Nnamdi Kanu might have said Biafra will come and got away with it in the past; but never had he critics as he has today. Never had people spoken up against his atrocities as they do today; he has been demystified and as such, getting away with this year’s vow of restoring Biafra will be uneasy one.

Kanu has been accused of embezzlement; although, his radio Biafra remains a potent weapon of brainwashing used against the people of Biafra, nothing can be as dangerous as having citadel of lies as sanctuary of hope. Nnamdi Kanu knows he cannot rightly vow Biafra is coming this year and in 2021 continue to rant. One cannot continue to fool the people all the time; the turning point might start once 2021 comes and Biafra remains a mirage.

~ Chijioke, a freelance/investigative journalist writes from Enugu. He can be reached on