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You’re Free To Sleep With Your Husband’s Brother — Female Pastor Tells Women



The founder and leader of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry in Asaba, Delta State, Pastor Veronica, has told married women that they are free to sleep with their husband’s brothers if they so desire because it is not adultery.

According to P.M.EXPRESS, the controversial Pastor Veronica disclosed this on social media while explaining the relationship that exists in the family.

She said that when a wife sleeps with her husband’s brother, she is not cheating because her brother-in-law is in the same lineage and blood.

She said it was for that reason brothers refer to wives as ‘our wife’ because she belongs to all male members of her husband’s family.

“Your brother in-law is your husband and same blood, that is the same lineage. If something happens and you both have an affair, you have not cheated on your husband because according to the African culture, you are their wife, that is why they call you ‘our wife’. except you have an affair with an outsider then you have cheated.”

However, the assertion surprised many people because it was coming from a Pastor, who they felt ought to know the full meaning of adultery.

The term adultery refers to sexual acts between a married person and someone who is not that person’s spouse and it is one of the laws in the Ten Commandments as contained in the Bible.

It is still uncertain where Pastor Veronica got the teaching which allows a woman to sleep with his husband’s brother from since it was even forbidden in the Bible which she preaches.

Recall that sometime this year, Pastor Veronica trended on the social media that she uses her private part to perform healing for men who have dysfunctional challenges and encouraged men to attend her church for healing through her private part.

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