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‘Let’s Start Learning China’s National Anthem In Case We Can’t Pay Back Our Loans’ — Comedian Alibaba



Veteran Nigerian comedian and actor, Alibaba has urged citizens of the country to start learning Chinese language incase the Government fails to pay up the loan it collected.

It would be recalled that Nigerians have been lamenting on social media ever since the news of the country owing China a loan that will take over 20 years to pay back went viral.

However, Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has stated that the country will pay back in the next 20 years, a statement that seems strange to Alibaba.

Reacting to this, Alibaba shared on Instagram a hilarious video of a China man teaching pupils their language and captioned it with a message that read,

“I know #RotimiAmaechi has explained that there is nothing to fear… we will pay back our loans to the Chinese.
But just to be safe… let me just start learning their National anthem and pledge.”

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