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Trump Rubbishes Biden’s Running Mate Kamala Harris, Says She’s Most Horrible US Senator



President Donald Trump has berated Kamala Harris, who was recently picked by opponent, Joe Biden, as running mate in the forthcoming presidential election on November 3rd.

Trump made the remarks during a White House press briefing.

Responding to a question on whether she is going to help determine Biden’s fate in November, Trump said that the former Vice-President made a mistake in choosing her.

He added that his running mate , Mike Pence, was much more acceptable by Americans.

“Well, I like Vice-President Mike Pence much better.

“He is respected by every religious group, whether it is evangelical, whether it’s any other group, they respect Mike Pence.

“I would take him over Kamala”, he said.

He claimed that Kamala had been a worse legislator in the US.

“I thought she was the meanest, the most horrible and most disrespectful of anybody in the US Senate.

“She’s also known as being as about the most liberal person in the US Senate and I would have thought that Biden would have stayed aware from that.

“Because with what they are doing with Open borders, sanctuary cities…which is protecting large numbers of criminals; I would have thought that he would have gone a different way”, Trump said.

Meanwhile, Biden, while announcing his running mate, maintained she is one of the best politicians in the country.