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Rapists In Kaduna To Undergo Castration, Surgical Removal Of Fallopian Tubes As Assembly Passes Law



Nasir El-rufai

The Kaduna State House of Assembly has passed a punitive law that prescribes “total castration” for male or removal of fallopian tubes for female rapists in the state.

The state assembly passed the amended Kaduna State penal court law, 2017, at a plenary session on Thursday.

The Speaker of the House, Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani, said in a tweet that, “The Bill Recommend total Castration & Bilateral Salpingectomy for Rapists in the State.”.

The dictionary meaning of bilateral Salpingectomy is given as, “the surgical removal of both fallopian tubes,” which if done would not be possible for eggs to be transported to the female’s ovaries, thereby rendering such a person unable to get pregnant. The procedure is said to be irreversible.

The Kaduna State Government resorted to the stiff punishment to discourage rape in the state.

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