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Yoruba Separatist Group Protests In London, Calls For Nigeria’s Immediate Division



A group of Yoruba separatists have staged a protest at the Trafalgar Square in London, seeking the exit of Yorubas from Nigeria.

The group marched through the popular Charing Cross junction in the British capital, chanting words like ‘1914 amalgamation is a fraud’, ‘Nigeria is a fraud’ and ‘Let Britain divide Nigeria now’.

The protesters accused the British colonial masters of creating problems for people from the Southern Nigeria protectorate by merging them with the Northern protectorate to form the single colony of Nigeria.

The hundreds of protesters claimed that the entity called Nigeria was not working, adding that the security challenges facing the country was due to incompatibility of its inhabitants.

The agitators said the establishment of Oduduwa Nation would guarantee safety of the lives of Yorubas, adding that people from the South West would be able to peacefully cultivate their farmlands without being attacked by herdsmen.

In a Facebook live video of the protest, the agitators also sang what they called the “national anthem” of Oduduwa Nation.

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