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A Wife’s Money Is Not For Her Husband — Reno Omokri



Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has said that husbands do not have right to their wive’s money.

The popular author said that a married woman’s money is for her and the children while stating that a husband’s money is for both the man, the wife and the children.

He made this known in a recent post on Instagram where he responded to a Facebook user’s submission that “the husband own the wife and all what she has both the good and the bad.”

Reacting to the comment captured on a screenshot, Omokri wrote;

“Dear women,

Read this comment. This is why I have always taught that your excitement and desire to be a wife should not make you sell your life. Some men are not looking for wives, they are looking for property to own, and exploit like beasts of burden. Even Scripture says that a virtuous wife “Considers a field and buys it; OUT OF HER EARNINGS.”-Proverbs 31:16. Scripture allows a woman to have her own earnings and her own property. The only requirement is that she uses it for her family. If you read the whole of Proverbs 31, you will see the qualities of a good wife. She uses her personal earnings to look after her children and domestic staff. So to my fellow men, I warn again that your wife’s money is not for you as a husband. It is for her and the children. Your own money is for you, her and the children. Don’t cast your gaze at her money. Such men hardly progress. Leave her money alone. Go and make your own. There is such a thing as housewife. There is no such thing as househusband.”