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We’ll Get Yoruba Nation Without Violence — Prof Akintoye



Banji Akintoye

President-General of the Yoruba World Congress, Prof Banji Akintoye, has said that the group will successfully get the Yoruba nation without the shedding of blood.

He said this on Wednesday during the celebration of the anniversary of the Kiriji War.

He said the YWC has over 107 groups championing the dream of having the Yoruba nation, a report by PUNCH said.

He said, “We have been saying we will have the Yoruba nation. The Yoruba World Congress is committed to helping the Yoruba nation to secure its position in the comity of nations.

“When we first started the process, we had a total of 45 organisations, but now, we can boast of a total of 107 different organisations.”

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