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Nigeria Senators Are Useless — Catholic Priest



Nigerian senate

By Fr Kelvin Ugwu

The most useless sets of people in Nigeria govt are those that parade themselves as senators or representatives.

I say this again for the sake of emphasis, they are the MOST USELESS.

There is absolutely nothing meaningful that they do. It is in the Senate house you will see a conglomeration of former this, two times former that, one time former this. . . bla bla bla!

Let me say this plainly, the Senate house has become a retirement house. That is the trend now. After serving as governor or Minister or deputy whatever, their retirement plan is to be a Senator.

You know why? They don’t do anything in the Senate house. . . They just sit, collect allowance for sitting, but do nothing. I repeat, they do NOTHING.

It is not as if they even have sense. We have heard them debate on issues, even kids in primary schools do better. What substantial bill have they sponsored that anyone can remember quickly?

The only time these senators are agile is when the issue is about their allowances or renovations of their already renovated apartments and buying cars or paddling budgets. To construct simple sentence, most of them can’t. What are they ‘senatoring’? Huh?

Yet, these same sets of people, as useless as they are, are among the highest paid in the world, if not the highest.

Old men and women…they will collect money from being a former whatever, then, they will collect another outrageous money for being in the Senate to the extent that they have to also budget for “hardship allowance.”

When we talk about restructuring Nigeria, do you know why it cannot work? You know already. . .

It is simple,

Those that are supposed to push for it are USELESS. Even the “P” in psychology is more useful. Since they are feeding fat from the system, they won’t dare to rock the boat.

No doubt, SARS have murdered lots of people physically, but you see these senators, they are the real murderers. The money they budget for themselves monthly can create a new world in Sahara desert in ways that will dwarf Dubai.

Yes, in case you don’t know, a Nigeria senator takes more than 14 Million Naira as Monthly salary plus allowances. I said MONTHLY. That is more than 170 Million Naira annually. Multiply this 170M by 109 senators in Nigeria and you may need a big calculator or else your small calculator may not carry the figures. Don’t forget that we have not included the 350 members of the house of reps.

Do you also remember how the money for Covid-19 palliative went? Do you remember the popular “off your mic” panel? This is just an example of other extra monies that they make in the name of “serving” Nigeria.

Tell me again what these Senators do? They make laws on schools that their children don’t attend. They make laws on hospital that they themselves don’t go to. What exactly do these old men do in that Senate house? Who is robbing Nigeria? Can an average teacher or doctor boast of 1M to 2M naira annually? Yet one man collects 170 millions and more under the guise of serving Nigeria. Who is actually serving who? Nigeria or him?

And please, don’t come here to preach to me on my choice of words, if you can comprehend this post, you will understand I am talking about the office they occupy. If you cannot get the gist, please keep your comment to yourself.

I repeat, those senators are USELESS.

Repeat. . .

Nigeria senators are USELESS.

Their uselessness is the reason the presidential and judiciary arms are “most” useless.

Any reform that does not begin from the senate will still amount to a waste of time. You know why? They are comfortable, so they don’t see your pains. Some of them are laughing as you are protesting. It does not affect their salary. That is why they can buy few youths and order them around on what to do.