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Why Biafra Is Limited To Igbo Tribe Alone — Barr. Emekesiri, Original Founder Of IPOB



Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, the presumed founder of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, while speaking on its original philosophy stated that the seed of discord sowed by the enemy amongst the Biafrans is the reason why Biafra is limited to Igbo tribe alone.

He said: “because when the war was fought, the enemy sowed a seed of discord among Biafrans that some Biafrans decided to deny their identity, especially the Biafrans of the South-south and other areas that decided so.

“It was a mechanism for self-preservation. In other words, when the enemy catches on you, you will say I am not a Biafran to save your life. Such is usual in a war situation; people out of fear decide to deny their identity.

“It’s there in the Bible when Peter denied Jesus Christ to stay alive but he repented. So I am now expecting those who denied Biafra to stay alive to now come back and accept we are Biafrans.”

He further stated that “we lost our sovereignty but our identity is not lost which is what I have argued in court face to face with Nigeria lawyers. What we lost was our ability to govern ourselves but we are still the remnants of the Biafra that were not consumed.”