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Israel PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, Makes ‘U-Turn’ On Winner Of US Election




Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has backtracked from his earlier position on the winner of the November 3 presidential elections in the United States.

It was earlier reported that Netanyahu had on November 8, joined other world leaders to congratulate President-Elect, Joe Biden, on his reported victory at the U.S. polls.

Biden has been projected as the winner of the country’s election after hitting 306 Electoral College votes.

But during a radio interview in Israel, Netanyahu was asked to comment who won the American election.

Instead of reaffirming his earlier position, he rather stressed that it was left for the US constitution and its processes to reveal the winner.

“Why do I need to express an opinion? They have their organized processes, they have an internal process. I think that everyone more or less understands what will more or less happen.,” he said, according to Times of Israel reports on Tuesday.

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also shared similar view about the US election.

He had said that it is reckless to congratulate either Biden or President Donald Trump when one of the parties had challenged the results in court.

On his part, Trump had vowed to follow up on his lawsuit, which is challenging the transparency of the election.

He has also blocked transition activities with the Biden team, a development that had heightened tension in the US.

Meanwhile, Biden has described Trump’s behavior as an “embarrassment”.