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‘If You Earn 20k Salary Per Month, You Have No Business Thinking About Relationships’ — Nigerian Lady



A lady has come for people earning less than 20, 000 Naira per month as salary as she said they have no business being in romantic relationships.

The Twitter influencer said: “First of all, if you’re earning 20k per month I don’t think you have any business thinking about relationships or even going on dates. None at all for any reason!”

She added: “Here’s my point.

“I’m saying that people have personal responsibilities and this includes family bills and all of that and relationships as much as we try to deny it comes with a whole lot of commitments and sacrifices which of course includes finance.

“Which is important.”

She continued: “Now imagine earning that and having to juggle in between these responsibilities and your relationship. It will never really turn out to be how you sincerely want it.

“But hey, this thing doesn’t have a manual, so it’s okay to do you!

“And this is for both gender.”

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