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‘Nnamdi Kanu Has No Security Structure In Eastern Nigeria’



By Ifeanyi Chijioke

Nnamdi Kanu is either intentionally having fun with his miscreants who lack the ability to reason and understand. Among Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB members; there are more of uneducated people and hustlers whose sole aim is to have Biafra restored and as such; ability to reason has been hampered by emotion or this singular purpose.

Some of these gullibles left Uwazurike’s camp when they heard the fake promise of Biafra being restored for them in 2015. Any glittering thing appears to be a gold to this class of Biafrans and their focus is subject to their leader’s mouth or directive and not their independent reason.

But in the first place, who is Nnamdi Kanu in the Southeast political arena to solely have Eastern security? This is a clear shift from Biafra and that is why question of personality comes into play. If I mobilize boys into a bush and make a video, give them a name and share the video on social media, does it have any physical bearing on Southeast?

Anybody can clear a bush in any forest located anywhere like Nnamdi Kanu did and record a video of youths given security uniforms and post it on social media. The person can name it Igbo Security Network. The boys can all go back home after the movie. This doesn’t mean there is a security structure anywhere in the East. A regional security structure has procedure and it’s a political/indigenous stakeholders affair. In this case; it is insulting to joke with Eastern region’s potential security strategy.

Let’s quickly go the North where they have Hisbah. They have state laws or regional laws that recognized Hisbah in the North. We saw the inauguration of Hisbah years ago; their inauguration was not done in a thick forest without representatives and notable stakeholders. The North has a security structure; Hisbah has a recruitment process and salary structure. Hisbah can arrest and publicly move without conflicting with the Nigerian army or police or laws. They are recognized by the law of the North.

Let us also go to the West where we have Amotekun. They have state laws backing the existence and activities of Amotekun. The formation of Amotekun was not done in one thick forest where touts were seen carrying sticks and strange flags by one guy in Germany. During the formation of Amotekun; we saw how leaders synergized and brought their contributions. Amotekun is recognized; they can arrest and publicly move without conflicting with the police or army.

Come to the East; you see one scammer that invested Thirty Five Million Naira; promised boys a good one-off payment and took them into the forest where he recorded a video of them wearing uniforms and came out the following week to announce formation of Eastern Security Network. Putting the lives of innocent youths in danger; and Nigerian government may have started tracking down the faces seen in the video; the perpetrator is somewhere in Europe enjoying fresh air.

Nnamdi Kanu has formed the habit of insulting Eastern Nigeria and scamming few people. Imagine a man that deceitfully thrives on the efforts of Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, Ralph Uwazurike and Innocent Orji to make mess of the system and rubbish any potential effort to secure Eastern Nigeria.

Eastern Security Network that cannot move publicly. Eastern Security Network that is not recognized by anybody or law in the East. It is fair to say that the supreme leader fever has touched the brain of Nnamdi Kanu. Any of the boys caught behind the scam will go in for a traitor that has nothing to lose

The obvious criminal move aimed at extorting innocent people continues with the formation of ESN that will never see the light of the day. The days are hard and I am hopeful Nnamdi Kanu’s criminal investment will be drowned. ESN that cannot move about; that hides and cannot stand anywhere except in the video on social media and that is nothing but mockery of Eastern Nigeria. Eastern Nigeria is not online republic where people make videos and lay claim to something they have no capacity even in their next world.

Ifeanyi Chijioke, an Independent Journalist wites from Enugu. He can be reached via