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You Can’t Make Many Innocent Girls Useless, Then Hope To Marry A Useful Wife — Reno Omokri



Former presidential aide Reno Omokri has taken to social media to share his thoughts on why some men end up with bad wives.

Omokri said God could punish men by giving them bad wives for displeasing him, adding that the book of Ecclesiastes 7:26 makes it very clear.

He advised men to live their lives with the utmost care, saying people cannot make innocent girls useless and hope to marry useful wives.

Reno Omokri says marrying a bad wife could be a punishment from God for displeasing him. Photo credit: @renoomokri Source: Twitter

In his words:

“Many men are unaware that bad wives can actually be a punishment for displeasing God. Ecclesiastes 7:26 makes it very clear. That is why you should live your life with utmost care. You cant make many innocent girls useless, then hope to marry a useful wife.”