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Igbo Men Go Through Hell Just To Make Their Women Happy — Man Says



A Nigerian man has commended Igbo men on being committed to seeing that their women members are well taken care of.

According to the man identified as Afam, Igbo men go through hell just to ensure that their women are comfortable.

He stated this while sharing what he witnessed at a bar where he went to hang out with friends.

Afam said that he saw over five men walk into the bar with their wives and the women’s appearances could be likened to Gold bars, whereas the men were unkempt.

He wrote;

”So, I am at this bar and I’ve seen more than 5 men walk in with their wife. The men all look unkempt & stressed out. The women look like gold bars. Igbo men go through hell just to make their women happy. If you ask the women, I’m sure they don’t know what is twitter feminism.

”Let me add that they were with their infant babies. They came to drink Nkwu enu and stout.

”One of those girls attendants asked one of the women why they all ate but didn’t give the toddler. She replied that the toddler with drink from the breast.

I don’t even know to feel.”

See his post;

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