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Osinbajo Will Soon Assume Presidency — Popular Prophet




A popular prophet, Apostle Paul Okikijesu, says Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo will briefly fill the role of president.

Okikijesu, who leads Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, says the development would be the culmination of “mysterious things” currently happening in the Aso Rock Villa.

According to Daily Post, the prophet revealed this in a series of prophecies about Nigeria and sundry matters.

The prophet was quoted as advising President Muhammadu Buhari against allowing himself to be pushed into actions that could bring down his government.

“Thus says the Lord of hosts: The President should not foment trouble. He should not allow people to coerce him, because some people are pushing him.

“Thus says the Lord: The President should humble himself, change and turn to Me. He should also honor the anointed men of God; else the government will be taken away from him and it will be given to his neighbor who is better than him.

“Thus says the Lord: If the President refuses to follow My instructions, the event that may happen that will make people not to hear about him anymore will occur.

“This is what will prompt the government to be given to his vice president; then Osinbajo will occupy the presidential seat for a brief period of time, before I will bring the beloved to govern the country for Me.

“Thus says the Lord: Mysterious event is currently happening in Aso Rock Villa, and this is the manifestation of I the Almighty God.

“Crisis is presently occurring in Aso Rock that is causing worries. There is no soul that is at ease in Aso Rock Villa. There is no one that has faith on the survival of his/her soul. Including the president and the vice president, together with all the security personnel that work there,” Okikijesu reportedly said.

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