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American Rapper Lil Nas X To Release 666 Pairs Of ‘Satan Shoes’ and It Reportedly Contains 1 Drop Of Human Blood



Lil Nas X, the American rapper who rose to fame after his debut single “Old Town Road,” created the “Satan Shoes” in collaboration with the MSCHF clothing brand.

The shoes will reportedly contain 66 CCs of red ink and 1 drop of human blood in its sole. Other features of the shoe include a pentagram pendant over the laces and “Luke 10:18” written on the side, a Bible verse referencing Satan’s fall from heaven.

Only 666 of the limited edition shoes will be produced and each pair will be individually numbered. The price tag for the shoe is $1,018.

While the shoes are Nike’s classic Air Max ’97s, the shoe company has stated it is not involved with the creation or sale of the sneakers. Nike told fact-checking outlet Snopes in a statement, “Nike did not release nor design these shoes.”

MSCF confirmed the Air Max ’97 shoes are bought independently and customized by its artists.

The Satan Shoes are set to be released March 29.

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