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Priest Gives Female Students ‘Holy Kiss’ On Lips [VIDEO]



In a video making the rounds on the internet, a man said to be a reverend father could be seen blessing three female students with a ‘holy kiss’ on their lips.

In the video, the reverend father was dressed in a cassock while beckoning on the female students standing on the pulpit to come closer.

They approached him one after the other and he kissed them passionately which made the other students scream in excitement.

Once the video made its way to Twitter, tweeps immediately condemned the act, with many saying the reverend father should be arrested.

@s.y.m.b.e.e.s said; This is abuse especially for the last girl because it was obvious she never wanted it, what kind of rubbish is this?

@teey_g said; The last girl is mortified.. why would you force “holy kiss” on a young lady or anybody.

@officialbisko said; These are underaged girls. He should be arrested.

Watch the video below;


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